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The home region

Wednesday 22nd February 2023, 12.50pm (day 4,199)

Nutclough from Lees Road, 22/2/23

Life at the moment is having its uneventful spells, and this is the middle of one of them. But at least the immediate locality continues to provide sufficient photo opportunities.

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Eiffel Buildings, twilight

Monday 21st November 2022, 4.15pm (day 4,106)

Eiffel Buildings, 21/11/22

I’ve said it before, but it’s days like today — spent entirely in my house, day 1 of the latest batch of marking — that will eventually do for this blog, will drain my creative juices dry and leave me with simply nothing to photograph. But there’s always the view. Same comments as yesterday re: the hours of darkness, only today, half an hour earlier. The car headlights coming up Birchcliffe Road, and about to turn behind the buildings, give the necessary additional touch.

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The home district

Sunday 10th April 2022, 11.50am (day 3,881)

HB landscape, 10/4/22

Actually, home, in the strictest sense, is a little to the right of this shot. But this is, near enough, where I’ve located myself for the last 21.75 years. There are reasons.

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The Nutclough cliff

Sunday 5th December 2021, 11.30am (day 3,755)

I haven’t done one of the Hebden housing for a while but it’s always there to catch the eye. So steeply do these dwellings rise from the valley bottom below that I am sure they affect the microclimate. I swear that at times I have seen rain falling on one side of our house — precipatated out by the enforced rise up the walls — but not on the other.

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End of the storm

Monday 17th February 2020, 5.10pm (day 3,098)

Lee Mill Road storm, 17/2/20

The underdwellings beneath Lee Mill Road rise above our allotment. We were there this afternoon, doing a filthy job in filthy weather, caught in the tag end of this revolting hail storm that blew over as the sun went down. I hope this is the end of the storm in a broader sense too — it’s been another weekend of severe weather, not so much round here this time as further south. A grim period all round.

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The immediate vicinity

Tuesday 13th November 2018, 5.05pm (day 2,637)

Lees Road, 13/11/18

The immediate vicinity… being that region around my house (not quite visible on this shot)… which I did not leave today, at least not in any meaningful photographic way. The red lighting is explainable by being under the traffic lights at this point: one could get a green-tinted version of the same shot if one so desired.

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Hebden housing

Friday 30th March 2018, 3.00pm (day 2,409)


Hebden housing, 30/3/18

The annual Good Friday hike up to Heptonstall took place, to see the Pace Egg play, but I didn’t get any decent photos of that. Looking back down and over the housing of the home town produced better results. Someone a couple of centuries ago decided it would be a good idea to build a town here and had to come up with some solutions to the difficult topography, and here we still are.

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Breezy day

Saturday 24th September 2016, 11.20am (day 1,857)

Breezy, 24/9/16

After a long spell of extended summery weather, things may be changing. Wind is probably the hardest climatic condition to capture on camera but here is an attempt.

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Hebden housing

Sunday 6th March 2016, 11.00am (day 1,655)

Windsor Road, 6/3/16

Windsor Road, Hebden Bridge. This is fairly typical for round here. I like the way the colours of the window frames change from house to house, and also from the top floors to the bottom — for these will all be two separate houses, one on top and one underneath.

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Lees Road, Hebden Bridge

Friday 18th September 2015, 4.05pm (day 1,485)

Lees Road, 18/9/15

With this determination I have not to repeat myself on this blog, and living in a home town that isn’t really that big — there are only so many corners of it to photograph. But I’m pretty sure I haven’t done this one before.

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