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The roofers

Tuesday 20th April 2021, 1.55pm (day 3,526)

Nutclough roofers, 20/4/21

A day working at home gained interest through getting a masterclass in roofing from these guys working on the house over the road. At the beginning of the day that roof looked like the one of no. 31 next door. Roofing’s one of those specialist talents that very few people have, but which we all need, isn’t it? And I’d take some persuading to spend a whole day on that scaffold (constructed by another professional group that we need to just trust).

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Estates and facilities

Tuesday 8th August 2017, 9.55am (day 2,175)

Workmen at University, 8/8/17

Definitely the most important Directorate of the University at this point in time. It is almost impossible to take a photograph anywhere in Manchester city centre without hitting some kind of building site at the moment (as I have observed numerous times recently); the University is certainly doing its bit for this architectural movement of 2017.

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Up In the gutter

Tuesday 25th November 2014, 1.25pm (day 1,188)

Drain clearing, 25/11/14

Yes, this really is as exciting as it got today. Looking for the good in all, I quite like the orange jackets against the brown November background, but I spent most of the day at home working and there wasn’t much to see.

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On the Manchester Museum roof

Tuesday 3rd June 2014, 10.15am (day 1,013)

Museum roof, 3/6/14

Are there bees up on the museum roof (as viewed this morning from my meeting in the adjacent Arthur Lewis Building)? Or have the tropical frogs escaped? What is the builder carrying in the orange swag bag? Inquiring minds want to know.

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The Chinese arch loses its scaffolding

Monday 2nd June 2014, 9.30am (day 1,012)

Chinese arch, 2/6/14

I’m in familiar territory for a period of weeks, and the light isn’t exactly sparkling at the moment, most periods being cloudy. I have to find interest where I pass it randomly, like today. Since the last appearance of Manchester’s Chinese arch on the blog, on a foul day last autumn, it has been swathed in scaffolding, being refurbished, but this started to come off today. They said the refurbishment would be finished in ‘May 2014’ — so I guess they only just missed it.

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Roofers, Wednesday morning

Wednesday 26th February 2014, 8.50am (day 916)

Roofers, 26/2/14

This house sits to the left of the bridge over the Rochdale Canal on the way to Hebden Bridge station and is becoming the most-photographed exterior of any building on this blog, including my own house (which frequently gets in as an interior, but not exterior). There are reasons for this — on any given sunny morning it looks great. Having these guys climbing up onto it today was just a bonus.

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Working in the river

Tuesday 4th December 2012, 9.45am (day 467)

Working in river, 4/12/12

This has been going on down by the weir for a few weeks – work being done to install a water turbine to power the nearby shops in the old mill. A highly positive step that surely only the most reactionary old duffer could object to (but we have some of those, round here, believe me). The cloud on this shot has been caused a few seconds earlier by the guy in the yellow jacket wielding his angle-grinder.

Moscow again tomorrow… By the way, don’t ask me why I suddenly decided to start putting the day number at the top – but I have. So now you can see how long I have been going on this. (I retrospectively added the day number to earlier posts.)

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Site of the new Høgskolen i Bergen

Monday 28th November 2011, 5.00pm (day 95)

Building site, Bergen, 28/11/11

Those of you who are visiting regularly at the moment (and I know there are a few – for which, thank you) might be wondering where the fjord is. Well, it’s not that I didn’t get a good picture of one – I didn’t even see one. A landslide at Myrdal rail station last night, up in the mountains, led to the cancellation of my day trip. Oh, I get my money back but it’s still disappointing. Four trips to Norway have now passed and I’ve still yet to see the reason Slartibartfast got his award (and if that means nothing to you, you’ve not read The Hitch-Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy).

So here’s a picture of a building site instead. However, there is a connection – this is the site of the new Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University College), due to open in 2013 (or is it 2014) and, indirectly, one of the reasons I am here: the work I am doing here, in part, is helping prepare the library to move from having five separate premises into one big new space. So there is a point to the picture. But a fjord would have been so much nicer. Not this time though… or the next two (January & February), come to that.

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