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Dim sum

Friday 6th May 2022, 1.25pm (day 3,907)

Dim sum, 6/5/22

Treated myself, and my PhD student Steve (well, we split the bill) to a rarity for me, a working lunch, courtesy of the huge Tai Wu restaurant that sits just next door to the campus. And the dim sum were very fine. I’m still glad it’s Friday, though.

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Wednesday 9th February 2022, 2.50pm (day 3,821)

Chinatown, 9/2/22

I haven’t had three days in a row of Manchester pictures since February 2020 — what happened after that, I wonder. But today’s the latest burst of two-in-a-row, and with good light to boot. Manchester’s Chinatown is, in no way comparable to, say, San Francisco’s in scale (not to mention anywhere in China) but in European terms it’s sizeable enough. At this point it is possible to imagine one is far away.

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Chinese pronunciation class

Wednesday 8th December 2021, 1.25pm (day 3,758)

I have to stand up in front of a full room next week and intone the names of at least a hundred Chinese people (amongst others); so this was a professional development opportunity that was worth the time. If the recording of this session ever gets out, however, I suspect we will go viral and be a source of hilarity on Chinese social media. A dozen or so middle-aged white academics being tutored by the very patient Luxi (pictured, as she encouraged us to place our lips correctly for the first syllable of ‘Yuxuan’), mangling tones and generally embarrassing ourselves. But at least it was only a rehearsal.

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Shelter from the storm

Tuesday 22nd July 2014, 11.20am (day 1,062)

Shelter, Palatine Hill, 22/7/14

First full day in Rome. It would be easy here to slip into just doing a series of photos of the tourist sights. Today we saw the Colosseum (impressive, but as expected, heaving with people), the Baths of Caracalla (stupendously impressive, and with a notable absence of coach parties) and the Palatine Hill.

The latter was worth visiting but notable for being the place where we were caught in a severe thunderstorm for an hour or so, which is when I took this shot, of these two Chinese women in their waterproof ponchos (being touted at €5 each while it was raining), in the first of the two spots in which we tried to avoid the rain. I like the strange positioning of the hand of the one in green, and yes, her friend is standing on one leg at this point.

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Chinese girl on plane

Thursday 28th June 2012, 9.15pm (day 308)

Chinese girl on plane, 28/6/12

It’s a nice shot (if a little out-of-focus). Unfortunately, this encapsulates the day because there’s no way I should have been coming home late enough to catch the sunset streaming through onto the face of my single-serving model. British Airways stranded me in the sixth circle of Hell that is Heathrow Airport for 7 hours this afternoon because their first choice of plane needed fixing. OK, I don’t want to go up in a dodgy plane but why the hell was it left to me – a passenger – to inform the BA ticket desk in Terminal 1 that one of their planes had gone tits-up, a full hour after the pilot told me and the rest of the passengers that it wasn’t going to take off?!

I’ve been on the go since 3.30 am this morning UK time (6.30 Moscow). I’m going to bed.

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