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Bad weather in Bergen (but not the apocalypse)

Friday 29th January 2016, 12.20pm (day 1,618)

Bad weather, Høgskole, 29/1/16

A somewhat strange day. Apocalyptic weather forecasts led to most of Bergen shutting down at lunchtime; my day’s work at Høgskolen i Bergen was truncated as a result, and it was at the point of termination that I took this picture, which doesn’t quite capture how foul it was here, though I like the greyness of it (I knocked down the saturation a bit, but only a bit). Shortly after this KLM then cancelled my flight home, which explains why I’m still here and won’t be home until tomorrow night, 24 hours after originally scheduled.

Yet in the end the afternoon’s weather in the city, while poor, was certainly no worse than it often can be here. I originally got quite angry about this, feeling that everyone could have done with a little less panic. However, it seems that the coastal mountains may have protected the city somewhat. Apparently areas futher north today had the strongest winds ever recorded in Norway. But hey, I’m still allowed to be pissed off that I didn’t make it home (quite a few flights happily left Flesland airport), particularly on a Friday night. So another day in Norway tomorrow, then. So be it.

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Fire escape, Høgskolen i Bergen

Thursday 1st October 2015, 10.15am (day 1,498)

Fire escape, 1/10/15

Popped over to Norway on my way home…. I like this shot because for perhaps the first time ever not only does a litter bin not spoil the shot, it is absolutely crucial to it.

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Chris working in the library

Thursday 5th February 2015, 5.05pm (day 1,260)

Chris in library, 5/2/15

No frolicking in the snow today — too much work to do. This time in Bergen I have been accompanied by a colleague from Manchester, Chris, and here he is enjoying the beanbags of this 21st century workspace: the building that, in the end, our project here in Norway has all been about. So let’s use it…

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Fagernes Yacht Klubb

Saturday 27th September 2014, 12.10am (day 1,129)

Fagernes Yacht Klubb, 26/9/14

Fagernes Yacht Klubb is the name of this band. They play a series of hoary old 70s and 80s classics, and do so very well, despite the fact that none of them could possibly have been born before 1990. They were the climax (at least for me) of the evening’s entertainment at Høgskolen i Bergen’s opening celebrations (see also yesterday).

Technically this is still ‘Friday night’ but as it’s after midnight this qualifies to be Saturday’s pic of the day. Which makes it the earliest on any day so far, a record it will probably retain. It’s also the first to appear from the hours of 0:00 – 0:59, which means that there are now only two hours of the day unrepresented on the blog — 2:00 – 2:59 and 5:00 – 5:59. Leave it with me…

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Tango in the library

Friday 26th September 2014, 3.10pm (day 1,128)

Tango in library, 26/9/14

Høgskolen i Bergen has spent all week celebrating the opening of its new campus. Today the library was officially opened, with, among other things, talks and seminars (including one by yours truly) and then the rather more interesting spectacle of tango dancers among the bookshelves. The lighting was not really suitable to get one of them in motion (although perhaps I am more apologising for my deficiencies as a photographer) but I like this one of three of them just before they got going. There may well be another picture of the evening tomorrow as I got some decent ones of the band after midnight, but let’s see if the journey home gives rise to any decent candidates, before I decide.

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New office, Høgskolen i Bergen

Thursday 25th September 2014, 2.00pm (day 1,127)

HiB office, 25/9/14

Nearly three years ago now, back towards the start of this blog, in November 2011, I posted a photo of the early stages in the development of the new campus for Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University College). I said back then that I was indirectly working on the project of helping the staff prepare for their move into the new campus, and three years later, that’s still what I’m doing. But we’re nearly finished with our side of it — and the new campus is now a reality. Today was my first visit there: it was great to finally see it as a space-in-use. This shot is just of some new offices in the building, but I’ve been getting more abstractly creative (or creatively abstract) lately. The circles are etched into the glass, either just for effect or to stop people randomly stepping through the windows. I like the way they obscure and then reveal the mundane personal effects behind them.

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Møllendalsveien building, Høgskolen i Bergen

Tuesday 17th June 2014, 8.20am (day 1,027)

Møllendalsveien, 17/6/14

This building will be the only one of the Høgskolen’s five campuses to survive following its imminent move to the new campus in Kronstad, and as a result, is the only one currently able to host our project meetings. It plunges directly into the water of Bergen’s most inland inlet of the sea. Behind is the mountain of Ulriken. And the concrete post? Well, directly above my head as I took this shot, but kept out of frame, is a big concrete overpass taking the main city road over the water, so presumably it just fell of there at some point.

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Site of the new Høgskolen i Bergen

Monday 28th November 2011, 5.00pm (day 95)

Building site, Bergen, 28/11/11

Those of you who are visiting regularly at the moment (and I know there are a few – for which, thank you) might be wondering where the fjord is. Well, it’s not that I didn’t get a good picture of one – I didn’t even see one. A landslide at Myrdal rail station last night, up in the mountains, led to the cancellation of my day trip. Oh, I get my money back but it’s still disappointing. Four trips to Norway have now passed and I’ve still yet to see the reason Slartibartfast got his award (and if that means nothing to you, you’ve not read The Hitch-Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy).

So here’s a picture of a building site instead. However, there is a connection – this is the site of the new Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University College), due to open in 2013 (or is it 2014) and, indirectly, one of the reasons I am here: the work I am doing here, in part, is helping prepare the library to move from having five separate premises into one big new space. So there is a point to the picture. But a fjord would have been so much nicer. Not this time though… or the next two (January & February), come to that.

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Tea break, CPD workshop, Høgskolen i Bergen

Wednesday 9th November 2011, 10.25am (day 76)

Tea break, CPD workshop, 9/11/11

This is the job… You find some time to do a bit of research, write it up, hope someone reads it. You go to as many conferences as your limited travel budget will stretch to, you network a bit, you publish a book and try to promote it. You eventually get invited to some other conference where you meet a nice Catalan academic who works in Norway and you write a proposal and eventually get an invite to do the work and suddenly you’re quite big in Scandinavia (or at least, among a very select audience of Scandinavians). It’s quite hard work sometimes but it’s probably better than being, say, a traffic warden.

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