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Last Manchester shot (for a little while)

Friday 3rd August 2018, 9.40am (day 2,535)

Library Walk, 3/8/18

A nice, but generic, Manchester shot. But it suffices to make the point that it is the 29th August before I have to go back into the city again for work purposes.

O yes.

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Self-portrait in British Library

Wednesday 21st March 2018, 2.40pm (day 2,400)

British library selfie, 21/3/18

There are worse places to come and do a couple of days’ work than London and worse buildings to spend the first day in than the British Library. I seem to have come out looking like the business end of a felt pen, but still, I quite like this one. Day 2,400 of the blog, a nice round number so I have updated the stats (if you really want to see how obsessively anal one can get with chronicling). I calculate day 2,500 should come at the end of June.

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Joe in the school library

Wednesday 31st January 2018, 4.45pm (day 2,351)

Joe in library, 31/1/18

When I started doing this blog on 26/8/2011 Joe was nine years, five months and twenty-two days old. His first appearance was a few days in, sat in the Railway and looking really very small. Not any more. I guess he hasn’t reached his complete adult form yet, he is not fifteen for a few weeks, but he cannot be far off. This is his ninety-ninth appearance on the blog. Doubtless I will find good reason to mark the next one.

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Library, University of Aberdeen

Tuesday 27th June 2017, 6.25pm (day 2,133)

Duncan Rice library, 27/6/17

It’s conference season… I got up at 5am this morning and spent seven hours on a train to come north to Aberdeen, where I was two years ago at this time of year, for the same conference (i3, at the Robert Gordon University). We had our opening reception in the Sir Duncan Rice library of the University of Aberdeen, and that was an extremely impressive building, with this eight-storey high twisted atrium running up through the centre.

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In the library

Thursday 3rd December 2015, 2.15pm (day 1,561)

Library shelves, 3/12/15

I do sometimes still end up doing work in this place. I wonder whether the government think it is ‘productive’…

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Outside the library

Monday 11th May 2015, 11.45am (day 1,355)

Outside library, 11/5/15

One of those days where it threw it down with rain for my journey to work — including the walking outside bits — and then two hours later it was glorious sunshine. It’s the gap between teaching and exams so the campus is relatively chilled out. These two seem to be getting on well even if they do only have one leg between them.

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Bergenesque scene

Friday 20th March 2015, 12.10pm (day 1,303)

Umbrellas, 20/3/15

Much as I like many things about Bergen, it is the rainiest city in Europe. This picture was taken in the foyer of the university library this lunchtime. It rained all day, which explains why there are no photos of this morning’s eclipse despite Bergen experiencing 98% totality at about 10.50am. It did get very dim, but not a hint of sun (obscured or otherwise) was to be seen. Ah well, never mind — I have bagged an eclipse before. Maybe next time.

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Chris working in the library

Thursday 5th February 2015, 5.05pm (day 1,260)

Chris in the library, 5/2/15

No frolicking in the snow today — too much work to do. This time in Bergen I have been accompanied by a colleague from Manchester, Chris, and here he is enjoying the beanbags of this 21st century workspace: the building that, in the end, our project here in Norway has all been about. So let’s use it…

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Manchester Central Library

Wednesday 10th December 2014, 9.35am (day 1,203)

Central Library, 10/12/14

I pictured the inside of this building a few weeks ago. It reopened earlier this year after a long refurbishment — one which fortunately began before the present government began its conscious process of eviscerating anything which smacks of a public service.

Composition dilemma — better to get the front door centered between the pillars, or the pillar’s shadow? I went for the shadow…

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The new plaza outside Manchester Central Library

Wednesday 12th November 2014, 9.35am (day 1,175)

Outside the library, 12/11/14

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