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Rainy morning

Saturday 26th October 2019, 10.45am (day 2,984)

Rainy fire escape, 26/10/19

A rather mundane shot to mark the wife’s birthday — but she had a happy one, so I’m led to believe. It was, however, a very wet one, at least until the afternoon. This shot was taken from under the safety of an umbrella, which was much needed.

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Fire escape, UiT

Monday 23rd April 2018, 1.30pm (day 2,433)

UiT fire exit, 23/4/18

Busy day’s work at the University of Tromsø (the world’s northernmost university). Views snatched out of windows were my best option photographically, on what was a bright sunny day — as it always seems to be here when I visit. I am developing a reputation as a sun god among the locals. I like the shapes on this one.

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Fire escape

Monday 19th March 2018, 9.25am (day 2,398)

Arena stairway, 19/3/18

No big message today, I just like the shape it makes. And the little bloke in his hi-vis jacket.

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Fire escapes, Chinatown

Monday 13th February 2017, 3.00pm (day 1,999)

Fire escapes, 13/2/17

The weekend was pretty grotty all round but today was a far more pleasant day of weather, particularly in Manchester. These fire escapes catch the afternoon sun very well. I also like the way this looks like it could be in New York or somewhere — one of those American cities where the fire escapes zigzag down the fronts of all the old buildings, anyway.

What ho, it’s day 1,999 of the blog. There will be a small celebration tomorrow. Assuming I don’t finally blow it and leave the camera at home.

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Tattooist’s, Manchester

Monday 4th January 2016, 10.30am (day 1,593)

Tattitude entrance, 4/1/16

How awesome is this. I want to go and get my next tattoo at this place simply because of this mural. Which, I suppose, is the point, but it doesn’t make it any less impressive.

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Fire escape, Høgskolen i Bergen

Thursday 1st October 2015, 10.15am (day 1,498)

Fire escape, 1/10/15

Popped over to Norway on my way home…. I like this shot because for perhaps the first time ever not only does a litter bin not spoil the shot, it is absolutely crucial to it.

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Fire escape, Ellen Wilkinson building

Thursday 16th October 2014, 11.55am (day 1,148)

Fire exit, 16/10/14

Well-lit Moments During a Day on Campus, number several dozen and twenty. This is one of the secret entrances into my personal courtyard by the way, so consider it a clue to its whereabouts.

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The back of the gym

Sunday 22nd September 2013, 3.40pm (day 759)

Fire escape, 22/9/13

In total contrast to most of the week which preceded it, today was a glorious day. Who knows, perhaps the last burst of genuine summer this year. The light made even this neglected, graffiti-tagged fire escape at the back of the gym look sort of romantic.

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Block ‘Y’ fire escape

Wednesday 24th April 2013, 4.45pm (day 608)

Block P fire escape, 24/4/13

The weather has been very pleasant indeed for the last 10 days or so. The mugg and rumble of summer is gone, to be replaced by a lovely balmy, Mediterranean vibe. It’ll do me, anyway. Took a lot of photos round the QUT campus and riverfront today on my walks to and from work, and chose this one because it’s such a mundane spot, but looks beautiful in this light.

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