Møllendalsveien building, Høgskolen i Bergen

Tuesday 17th June 2014, 8.20am (day 1,027)

Møllendalsveien, 17/6/14

This building will be the only one of the Høgskolen’s five campuses to survive following its imminent move to the new campus in Kronstad, and as a result, is the only one currently able to host our project meetings. It plunges directly into the water of Bergen’s most inland inlet of the sea. Behind is the mountain of Ulriken. And the concrete post? Well, directly above my head as I took this shot, but kept out of frame, is a big concrete overpass taking the main city road over the water, so presumably it just fell of there at some point.

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One thought on “Møllendalsveien building, Høgskolen i Bergen

  1. […] of days in Bergen for me. This shot is taken from more-or-less the same place as this one of the Møllendalsveien building, which is to the right of this viewpoint. 8.45 on a late November morning in Bergen and the sun was […]

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