New office, Høgskolen i Bergen

Thursday 25th September 2014, 2.00pm (day 1,127)

HiB office, 25/9/14

Nearly three years ago now, back towards the start of this blog, in November 2011, I posted a photo of the early stages in the development of the new campus for Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University College). I said back then that I was indirectly working on the project of helping the staff prepare for their move into the new campus, and three years later, that’s still what I’m doing. But we’re nearly finished with our side of it — and the new campus is now a reality. Today was my first visit there: it was great to finally see it as a space-in-use. This shot is just of some new offices in the building, but I’ve been getting more abstractly creative (or creatively abstract) lately. The circles are etched into the glass, either just for effect or to stop people randomly stepping through the windows. I like the way they obscure and then reveal the mundane personal effects behind them.

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