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Lynn’s wake

Wednesday 5th October 2022, 5.55pm (day 4,059)

Lynn's wake, 5/10/22

There are, by now, a number of ‘digital ghosts’ that haunt this blog. I know of, for sure, seven people who have appeared on here who have since died: both of Clare’s grans, our former neighbour Richard, a professorial colleague at work, and three friends, of which Lynn was the most recent, passing away last month. Her last appearance on here was on 30th May. It’s possibly the only one, although I would be surprised if she didn’t also turn up in the background of some other shots: as, technically, she does here.

So what do the rest of us do….. A wake is the party that they hold for you, the one time they know you can’t come. And then we move on. Eventually everyone depicted on here will be dust, including me: I’m only two years younger than Lynn. Whether I will get the chance to let you know I’m on the way out, is as yet undetermined.

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Debi’s funeral

Wednesday 15th December 2021, 10.55am (day 3,765)

Funeral, 15/12/21

As time passes, and an increasing proportion of my life is depicted on here somehow, ‘cast members’ will start to be lost. Debi was the subject of my post on 11th February 2013. She lives in Hebden Bridge like me, but on that day we met in Brisbane while I was on my trip there and she was breaking a three-month visit to New Zealand to meet relatives. She was a fellow regular at the Railway too and has appeared on photos taken in there. We’d seen each other less recently, though unfortunately that is true of everyone, and a state of affairs I am increasingly refusing to tolerate: there was a healthy (in all senses) gathering of people today for her service in the Hope chapel, then the wake. RIP Debi.

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Going out in style

Monday 12th October 2020, 11.45am (day 3,336)

Horse drawn hearse, 11/10/20

One of those where the object of interest had turned at a junction and was trotting away from me in the distance before I realised how interesting it was. But I just about got the shot. That is the way to go, is it not. And this is the second horse-drawn hearse to appear on here, the first being in London back in January 2014.

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Around the grave

Wednesday 14th August 2019, 12.40pm (day 2,911)

Funeral, 14/8/19

R. I. P. Marjorie Willetts, Clare’s grandmother, who died two weeks ago aged 93 and who was buried today in Morecambe.

Difficult to know how, or even whether, to represent such an event on here but this picture largely sums it up for me. There is a splash of colour but otherwise the day was rather grey and sombre.

(For the last picture of Clare and her Gran, see here…)

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Friday 23rd June 2017, 12.35pm (day 2,129)

Philip and Celia, 23/6/17

On 2nd June my aunt, Anne Morecroft, my father’s sister, died of heart failure — may she rest in peace. Today was her funeral, first at Dukinfield crematorium in Tameside, Manchester, and then the wake afterwards at Stalybridge Methodist church where I took this picture of my other aunt and uncle, Celia and Philip Hall (my mother’s younger brother). That’s the thing about funerals isn’t it: while regretting the reason these events start to become the only time you see your extended family. Should it be that way? Probably not, but I doubt I am the only person for whom it is true. Best wishes to them all, and families everywhere.

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Funeral, Walworth Road, London

Saturday 11th January 2014, 10.45am (day 870)

Funeral, Walworth Road, 11/1/14

To properly encapsulate today, I should really have included a photo of Brighton, where we spent most of it. But on the walk to London Bridge station in the morning, this spectacular funeral came past, and I just about managed to get the shot off in time. The ‘antique’ effect really benefits it, I think. That’s two hearses already in 2014, however. Also, perhaps surprisingly, in 870 days these are the first horses to feature on the blog.

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Hearse parking

Friday 3rd January 2014, 11.10am (day 862)

hearse_parking_3-1-14Taken more because I think the black, cruciform traffic cones are kinda cool, also because I like the way Hebden Bridge’s funeral parlour is right next to the gymnasium. As far as I know there is no connecting door.

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Memorial plaques at the crematorium

Thursday 30th August 2012, 10.55am (day 371)

Crematorium, 30/8/12

No added comments today except RIP Joan Hall, 28th April 1924 – 13th August 2012. My maternal grandmother – her funeral was today.

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