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Lynn’s wake

Wednesday 5th October 2022, 5.55pm (day 4,059)

Lynn's wake, 5/10/22

There are, by now, a number of ‘digital ghosts’ that haunt this blog. I know of, for sure, seven people who have appeared on here who have since died: both of Clare’s grans, our former neighbour Richard, a professorial colleague at work, and three friends, of which Lynn was the most recent, passing away last month. Her last appearance on here was on 30th May. It’s possibly the only one, although I would be surprised if she didn’t also turn up in the background of some other shots: as, technically, she does here.

So what do the rest of us do….. A wake is the party that they hold for you, the one time they know you can’t come. And then we move on. Eventually everyone depicted on here will be dust, including me: I’m only two years younger than Lynn. Whether I will get the chance to let you know I’m on the way out, is as yet undetermined.

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Postal worker convention

Saturday 23rd July 2022, 2.00pm (day 3,985)

Postal workers, 23/7/22

After several days of inanimate objects it was time to put some people back on the blog and the choice today was between two groups of roughly similar size, dressed in red, celebrating something. I could have gone with the footballers of Campion FC who were witnessed winning the ‘Yorkshire Trophy’, a pre-season warm-up tournament but they put in the effort. However, let’s instead go with this one of these postal workers, clearly celebrating the end of their working week in the Rose & Crown pub opposite the main sorting office in Cleckheaton. And they put in the effort too, all the time in fact.

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Three blokes walked into a bar

Wednesday 12th April 2017, 6.50pm (day 2,057)

Oyster bar, 12/4/17

Something tells me these three have been drinking buddies for a long time. They are all consuming their pints at the same speed, note.

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