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Debi’s funeral

Wednesday 15th December 2021, 10.55am (day 3,765)

Funeral, 15/12/21

As time passes, and an increasing proportion of my life is depicted on here somehow, ‘cast members’ will start to be lost. Debi was the subject of my post on 11th February 2013. She lives in Hebden Bridge like me, but on that day we met in Brisbane while I was on my trip there and she was breaking a three-month visit to New Zealand to meet relatives. She was a fellow regular at the Railway too and has appeared on photos taken in there. We’d seen each other less recently, though unfortunately that is true of everyone, and a state of affairs I am increasingly refusing to tolerate: there was a healthy (in all senses) gathering of people today for her service in the Hope chapel, then the wake. RIP Debi.

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Pop-up Shop

Wednesday 1st August 2012, 12.30pm (day 342)

Pop-up shop, 1/8/12

A few of these have emerged around Hebden Bridge in the last couple of weeks. Businesses that occupied premises that were damaged in the flood have been invited to set up shop (literally) where they can. They’re calling them ‘Pop-up Shops’ round town.,¬† The main road, Market Street, is still a dead zone – about 3 out of 20 shops open – but one of them, Valley Organics, has a temporary home in the Hope Baptist Chapel, pictured here. It doesn’t have electricity at the moment, as the chapel’s cellar was also flooded on both 22/23rd June and 9th July, but it’s a start. I’ll tell you one thing – a disaster like this sure helps you see who your friends are (yes, we’re looking at you, Punch Taverns).

Hey, it’s August. My birthday’s in August. That means I’m coming to the end of the first year of this blog.

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