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Violet above the valley

Tuesday 23rd May 2023, 3.50pm (day 4,289)

Violet and the valley, 23/5/23

I know this isn’t the flower known as violet (genus Viola), but it’s certainly the colour. I bet these look pretty good in black-light. Taken on the one twenty-minute occasion on which I got out of the house today — the sun was shining, the Late May Fine Period is properly here, but I had work to do.

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Sunday 14th May 2023, 3.30pm (day 4,280)

Bluebells, 14/5/23

The annual outcrop of bluebells is another one of those recurring themes, and now is the time for it to recur. There seem to be a lot this year. I don’t think this picture captures the extent of the carpet, but I like the focus on it. One flower in particular is definitely the point of attention.

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Blossom season

Sunday 30th April 2023, 3.00pm (day 4,266)

Blossom in town, 30/4/23

I guess Spring is trying, a bit, and the blossom at the bottom of Keighley Road in town usually makes for a fine display at this time of year. With this being the first of three three-day holiday weekends coming up in May, there was also a general sense of relaxation about the day.

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Tulips and the Corn Exchange, Manchester

Tuesday 25th April 2023, 8.55am (day 4,261)

Tulips, Corn Exchange, 25/4/23

This was one of those shots where the crowning touch was not apparent until I uploaded it — namely the bees. They are not actual insects, of course, but drawn on the doors of the establishment (an ‘aparthotel’ I think) which lies behind these flowers.

Additionally, this looks like it will be the last shot taken with the Canon PowerShot SX740 camera I have been using since 18th August 2021. 20 months is not long for a camera to last, even with the daily usage that I give it: but it never really recovered from the St Helena Tarmac Incident of late January. It limped on for the next three months, and I am grateful for that, but a replacement was becoming urgent. If you’re interested in these things, today I picked up a Panasonic TZ95: let’s see how long that lasts. I think it will be the fifth (and certainly at least the fourth) camera to have supplied the artwork for this blog.

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Lilac, in Manchester

Thursday 13th April 2023, 8.50am (day 4,249)

Lilac, Manchester, 13/4/23

There are some signs of spring, at least. Whether these trees are actually one of the various species known as ‘lilac’ (genus Syringa) I know not for sure, but they certainly can lay claim to the colour. Behind them, the Town Hall gets on with its decade-long restoration.

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Lost flowers, sort of

Tuesday 28th March 2023, 8.25am (day 4,233)

Ceramic roses, 28/3/23

I despise litter, but sometimes there is, if not beauty, at least interest in it: frankly it’s amazing what gets chucked away. What these ceramic roses had been doing somewhere on or near Abingdon Street in Manchester, I have no idea, and whether they were broken first, then disposed of, or whether the breaking happened because they were chucked, who knows. Either way, call it my homage to the cover of the classic New Order albun, Power Corruption and Lies.

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Floral design, as you see

Saturday 17th September 2022, 11.35am (day 4,041)

Floral design, 17/9/22

I like it when you get these built-in labels for a picture. My job of description is done.

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Chess and poppies

Sunday 19th June 2022, 12.30pm (day 3,951)

Chess and poppies, 19/6/22

On the move again. A scene on the train to London, where I will be for the whole week to come. The field of poppies outside — somewhere near Doncaster — was so extensive that I had time to see it, get the camera out, set up the shot and still capture it OK, despite moving at around 75 miles per hour at least. I believe black won the game in the end.

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Oil seed

Wednesday 11th May 2022, 6.20pm (day 3,912)

Oil seed, 11/5/22

More plantage. But it’s the season for it. There’s a shortage of vegetable oil at the moment, apparently — as Ukraine was a major supplier, but this year is not, for obvious reasons. So the more of this bright yellow stuff that we grow, the better: at least, if we want to fry our food in an adequately healthy way.

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Evening blossom

Sunday 17th April 2022, 8.35pm (day 3,888)

Evening blossom, 17/4/22

The cherry blossom in the courtyard at work had been and gone six weeks ago, but the more exposed trees outside the White Lion in Hebden Bridge require more lead-in time to reach full flower. Still, here they are — in time to make the place look good for the Easter daytrippers.

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