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The Duke’s permanent adornment

Monday 8th May 2023, 10.25am (day 4,274)

Duke of Wellington statue, 8/5/23

This statue of the Duke of Wellington stands in Glasgow, and since the 1980s has famously been adorned, a lot of the time anyway, by a traffic cone. Not specifically this cone, as until fairly recently the city council would dutifully remove each one as it appeared, but another would invariably return not long after. More recently everyone seems to have decided that this ‘tradition’ is not only harmless, but actually interesting and ‘ironic’ in a sort of postmodern way. Local Glaswegian sense of humour, ho ho, isn’t it quaint. I saw a guide going on about it to a group of tourists today, for heaven’s sake.

However, I think what it really is, and certainly what it started as, is pure mockery of the rich and powerful, and of Authority generally, and frankly I think we would benefit from a lot more of this kind of thing — particularly after the weekend just gone. The horse’s jauntier crown can be read a little differently, perhaps.

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The calm under the flightpath

Saturday 11th February 2023, 2.00pm (day 4,188)

Horses under Heathrow, 11/2/23

These have to be among the world’s most stoic horses. The poles in this field are one end of the series of guidance beacons for one of the runways at Heathrow. Gigantic flying machines like the one seen here are coming into land every few minutes, and the noise is incredible. But they don’t seem all that bothered.

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Blue Bird enjoys his freedom

Thursday 23rd December 2021, 1.45pm (day 3,773)

Carousel, Halifax, 23/12/21

It’s Christmas — well, nearly. Whatever one’s stance on the battle to keep us locked up, and thus, in the thrall of newly-powerful financial interests that are exactly the ones pushing for further incarcerations (I wonder why), Blue Bird is still feeling happy about this time of year.

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Going out in style

Monday 12th October 2020, 11.45am (day 3,336)

Horse drawn hearse, 11/10/20

One of those where the object of interest had turned at a junction and was trotting away from me in the distance before I realised how interesting it was. But I just about got the shot. That is the way to go, is it not. And this is the second horse-drawn hearse to appear on here, the first being in London back in January 2014.

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The day’s big race

Sunday 29th March 2020, 3.40pm (day 3,139)

Totopoly, 29/3/20

I don’t know if I’m the only one having problems uploading pictures to WordPress at the moment: these difficulties explain why these posts are coming out at odd times right now. It’s been a case of when it works, grab the opportunity. Maybe it’s all a consequence of the ongoing hiatus in civilisation…. There must be many groups who are having to come to terms with changed circumstances. What are the inveterate gamblers doing at the moment, I wonder, with no (public) sporting events taking place? We did consider a live sream of our afternoon game of Totopoly. Number 2 did turn out to be the winner — odds of 5/1, don’tcha know. Clare in the background looks excited, as well she might, as she was the owner.

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Horse above Hebden

Thursday 18th April 2019, 12.30pm (day 2,793)

Horse above Hebden, 18/4/19

Properly back home — this is the first Hebden Bridge pic in exactly a month. The Easter holidays have kicked in, it was a beautiful day, and like this horse, I was doing my best to relax into it all.

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Tuesday 12th April 2016, 11.10am (day 1,692)

Playful horse, 12/4/16

Now there’s an animal that knew how to perform for the camera. It even did it twice, after I didn’t quite get the shot the first time round.

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View over to Heptonstall

Sunday 27th March 2016, 12.40pm (day 1,676)

Horses and Heptonstall, 27/3/16

Easter Sunday, and my entry in the Cheesy Chocolate Box cover shot, 2016. The horses know.

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Funeral, Walworth Road, London

Saturday 11th January 2014, 10.45am (day 870)

Funeral, Walworth Road, 11/1/14

To properly encapsulate today, I should really have included a photo of Brighton, where we spent most of it. But on the walk to London Bridge station in the morning, this spectacular funeral came past, and I just about managed to get the shot off in time. The ‘antique’ effect really benefits it, I think. That’s two hearses already in 2014, however. Also, perhaps surprisingly, in 870 days these are the first horses to feature on the blog.

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