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Christmas lights switch-on

Friday 16th November 2018, 5.00pm (day 2,640)

Xmas switch on, 16/11/18

The Campaign for Real Christmas long ago lost its fight to restrict this festival to December, and so Hebden Bridge, like most other places, can’t wait for November to end before switching on its decorations and accompanying this with the sale of vast amounts of plastic that within two weeks will be in landfill somewhere. But the photo opportunities this affords were better than those at work today, so here we go, it’s Advent — here, anyway.

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Wednesday 20th December 2017, 10.40am (day 2,309)

Rudolf, 20/12/17

It’s about time my annual contribution to the house’s Christmas decorations made the blog.

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Carol singers, at the station

Monday 11th December 2017, 5.25pm (day 2,300)

Carol singers, 11/12/17

Oooh — must be nearly Christmas. The carol singers are out. But it’s a nice way to raise money, in this case for the Railway Children charity (protecting street children in India, East Africa and the UK); and greeting us poor commuters as we stagger home on another freezing cold evening.

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On the Arbat

Wednesday 18th January 2017, 3.45pm (day 1,973)

Arbat chipmunk, 18/1/17

Afternoon off, so I headed for the Arbat, probably the most laid back of the streets in Moscow city centre, and venue for one of the very first Moscow pictures featured on this blog on 24th October 2011. The kids seem very happy to see the guy in the chipmunk suit, what they probably don’t realise is that he’s almost certainly handing out leaflets for some tattoo parlor or e-cigarette vendor. Note the Christmas decorations still up — Russian Orthodoxy does all that stuff two weeks later than we do, so it’s not yet past Twelfth Night here.

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Taking down the decorations, Canal Street

Thursday 5th January 2017, 2.00pm (day 1,960)

Xmas lights down, 5/1/17

I had a picture of the lights on Canal Street when they were up — and here they are being taken down, as tradition dictates, before Twelfth Night tomorrow. By the guy on the ladder in the background, who busted the photographer — one reason I quite like this shot, as well as the depth of field.

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On the Christmas dinner table (Iris the lego lady)

Sunday 25th December 2016, 6.40pm (day 1,949)

Xmas lego lady, 25/12/16

Never easy to know what to choose to epitomise Christmas Day, particularly when it’s been a fairly uneventful one — though nice, just spent with the family, eating, socialising, etc. The decorations on the dinner table will do as well as anything to represent this… with a guest appearance from Iris the lego lady. A happy Christmas to you all, however you have spent it.

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Hebden Bridge Xmas lights

Sunday 18th December 2016, 9.30pm (day 1,942)

Love and respect, 18/12/16

Amen to that… We could all use some.

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Seafarers’ monument, Bergen

Wednesday 27th January 2016, 2.20pm (day 1,616)

Seafarers' monument, 27/1/16

The Seafarers’ Monument sits in one of the main squares of Bergen. It’s not the most beautiful of monuments, but maybe that’s why someone decided, presumably before Christmas, to prettify it.

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Building Santa

Thursday 29th October 2015, 3.15pm (day 1,526)

Building Santa, 29/10/15

Those who have spent time in Manchester over the last few years may recognise here components of the disassembled Santa which graces Albert Square, outside the Town Hall, each year. It was being constructed today. But come on! It’s October still!!

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Christmas Dinner: the aftermath

Wednesday 25th December 2013, 1.50pm (day 853)

Aftermath, 25/12/13

*Burp*. And I cooked, too. Happy Christmas to one and all of  you.

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