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Kitchen duties

Monday 16th November 2020, 8.50pm (day 3,371)

Clare, Joe, kitchen, 16/11/20

3,371 days into this blog (nine years, two months and 22 days) and I am buggered if I am going to let this profoundly boring and pointless period see it peter out through sheer lack of interest. But it’s not very interesting, is it. This is the true impact of this bloody virus. It’s made the world so goddamn boring, suddenly. (With no offence meant to my family members, pictured here, who are about the only things that are keeping me sane.)

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Me and my shadow (or, selfie with ponytail)

Monday 2nd November 2020, 2.45pm (day 3,357)

Me and ponytail shadow, 2/11/20

Working at home today … but then again, aren’t we all. The ‘lockdown hair’ continues to grow.

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11:11:11, 11/11/11

Friday 11th November 2011, 11.11am (day 78)

11:11:11, 11/11/11

I did very little today except print & frame a bunch of photos so I can try to sell some at this craft fair tomorrow (my first effort to do such a thing – you will doubtless hear more about it tomorrow). The light was poor, and there were few opportunities to get more than a mundane shot.

However, as these are supposed to encapsulate the day – it was 11/11/11 today, and this was taken in my home office at exactly 11:11:… and 14 seconds, by the camera’s clock. Well, I did my best. It doesn’t have a second hand.

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