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The charioteer charges

Sunday 10th January 2016, 1.30pm (day 1,599)

Lion chariot, 10/1/16

The high elf warrior rides his lion steeds into battle. Or possibly Joe’s been putting together his Xmas Warhammer acquisitions and there was some good light on the dining table this afternoon.

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Last day of the school summer holiday

Monday 7th September 2015, 4.30pm (day 1,474)

Warhammer, 7/9/15

Seems an awful long time since Joe was at school, but he returns tomorrow, which therefore also marks the resumption of Clare’s school-related job duties. So today was the last day of anything resembling a ‘summer holiday’ for either of them. They mourned its passing by knocking hell out of each other at Warhammer. Clare won convincingly, so I heard.

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