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St Pol Striders, 24 hours in

Sunday 8th August 2021, 11.40am (day 3,636)

St Pol striders, 8/8/21

The Striders are a local running group. Yesterday, they set out to run a 5km lap, on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours. This was taken at the end of the last one. Jilly, in the middle with the white top, did 20 of these laps — thus, she has run 100km (or over 60 miles) since Saturday, with a couple of hours of dozing at about 3am. I am in awe of this; if I walk more than about 10 miles these days I feel knackered and have to rest for a day or so.

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Sunday 25th February 2018, 11.35am (day 2,376)

Brighton half, 25/2/18

It’s getting on for a decade since I last tried to get myself (more precisely, my left knee) round 13.1 miles, but Clare still does it now and again in her regular 2:45. Hence, the Brighton half-marathon has become an annual staple of the blog, this is at least its third appearance. Well done to all the finishers, in whatever time they make it; I know what it takes…

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Runner down

Sunday 28th February 2016, 10.30am (day 1,648)

Runner down, 28/2/16

He got up again….  Pictured during today’s Brighton half-marathon. I don’t do these kinds of things any more, though the wife does, which is why this event also made it onto the blog last year.

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Alice’s Run (3 years on)

Sunday 31st August 2014, 11.10am (day 1,102)

Alice's run, 31/8/14

1,092 days ago, on September 4th 2011, I photographed this same event — it was day 10 of the blog. As then, I pictured it at the stonemason’s yard which resides on the canal, near Hebden Bridge station. With all other things being equal then you could check back if you like to see if my technique has improved at all over these three years of ample practice. Personally, I think it has; a bit. More than my running, anyway.

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Before the ‘Race for Life’, Halifax

Sunday 21st July 2013, 9.25am (day 696)

Race for Life, 21/7/13

Clare was one of approximately 1,600 women running this race today, the majority in the regulation pink, raising money to fight all kinds of cancer. I don’t normally do advertising on the blog but this time I feel obliged to mention that you can sponsor her (and by implication, the 1,599 other women running today, including the ones I have pictured) at http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/the-railway. Every little helps…

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Alice’s Run, near the railway station

Sunday 4th September 2011, 11.00am (day 10)

Alice's run, 4/9/11

It was my attempt to train for a marathon in 2007 that half-destroyed my left knee: so I don’t run any more. The Wainwright walks are my compensation, so I don’t regret this, most of the time. But seeing an organised event like ‘Alice’s Run’ (named after a teenager whose premature death inspired the event) does give me occasional pangs of nostalgia and I admire the fitness and dedication of the people who do it.

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