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I’m sure we’re not the same species

Saturday 3rd September 2022, 2.15pm (day 4,027)

Disparate dogs, 3/9/22

With no posts for ten days perhaps you thought I’d finally given up the ghost, or at least the blog had — but no, ’twas that old staple, “computer problems”. Not entirely solved now, so bear with me, but I shall start on the catching-up process at least. This encounter seems quite a while ago now, but one can see the basic curiosity-mingled-with-sheer-terror that this little dog exhibits, faced with this giant Newfoundland. Yes, they are the same species. That’s genetic engineering for you.

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Different country, same stuff

Wednesday 24th June 2020, 11.10am (day 3,226)

Welsh social distancing, 24/6/20

Doing this blog for nearly nine years has started to affect my behaviour. Today I decided that my record streak of English-only pictures had gone on quite long enough — specifically, 142 days. The nearest point from my house that lies in any other country is where the Welsh border crosses Bumpers Lane beside the Deva Stadium, Chester, which lies approximately 53 miles from my house as the crow flies. With nothing but reading and thinking to otherwise do today, I set out for it — and here is, more or less, the first scene that I saw after crossing into Wales at said point.

Looks a lot like England really, doesn’t it. I mean, social distancing an’ all. Hwyl anyway to my nearest unEnglish neighbours. And their dogs.

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Social distancing

Friday 27th March 2020, 9.25am (day 3,137)

Social distancing, 27/3/20

At the end of all this, how long before we are able to feel comfortable with each other again, physically close? Even the dogs are getting the message.

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Water for dogs

Saturday 22nd July 2017, 1.10pm (day 2,158)

Water for dogs, 22/7/17

The holidays have started, and a sunny day brought the crowds out into Hebden Bridge town centre today. All needed refreshment…

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Nutclough Woods, November 1st

Sunday 1st November 2015, 1.50pm (day 1,529)

November day, 1/11/15

Utterly glorious day today. I suspect the chances of the rest of November being like this are remote, but hey, we can hope.

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Sunny summer morning, Nutclough woods

Friday 19th July 2013, 8.55am (day 694)

Nutclough woods, 19/7/13

9th of the last 10 days spent in Hebden Bridge. When the weather is as beautiful as this however, it doesn’t matter. This is one of my neighbours: spiritualists may read in what they will to the captured aura here, but I do note the picture was taken right into the sun.

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She’ll be back soon

Monday 24th December 2012, 11.55am (day 487)

Upset dogs, 24/12/12

Last-day Christmas food shopping at the Co-op in Hebden Bridge today. These four dogs (the fourth one is a tiny shrivelled black curly thing, hiding in the background with its red-coated hindquarters just visible) were desperately awaiting the return of their mistress outside and yapping an endless yap that reverberated through the whole store. OK, I don’t know 100% that the owner was female, but I dunno, just a guess.

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Sad dog, St. George’s Square

Sunday 7th October 2012, 3.50pm (day 409)

Sad dog, 7/10/12

I guess dogs can have a long day, and feel tired at the end of it, just as we can. It was a decent, sunny day today, it’s been a good weekend for me in various ways, but though I don’t share this animal’s feelings, I do sympathise.

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Wrapped up against the cold

Wednesday 8th February 2012, 8.45am (day 167)

Wrapped whippets, 8/2/12_low-res

As someone who grew up in the South but now has firmly settled in the North, I do have a certain sympathy for some of the anti-Southern sniping which takes place up here and which is often deserved. However, on this occasion the reason the papers are all saying how crap the weather is in the South, and not mentioning the North, is not some innate metropolitan bias: it’s simply that at the moment the South (being closer to the very cold air settled over Europe) is having bad weather, and we’re not.

Having said all that, there was a deep, damp chill in the air today; these dogs were not the only ones wrapped upĀ  against the cold as the kids walked to school.

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