Wrapped up against the cold

Wednesday 8th February 2012, 8.45am (day 167)

Wrapped whippets, 8/2/12_low-res

As someone who grew up in the South but now has firmly settled in the North, I do have a certain sympathy for some of the anti-Southern sniping which takes place up here and which is often deserved. However, on this occasion the reason the papers are all saying how crap the weather is in the South, and not mentioning the North, is not some innate metropolitan bias: it’s simply that at the moment the South (being closer to the very cold air settled over Europe) is having bad weather, and we’re not.

Having said all that, there was a deep, damp chill in the air today; these dogs were not the only ones wrapped up  against the cold as the kids walked to school.

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One thought on “Wrapped up against the cold

  1. […] and other neighbours tried to save vital items and – most importantly – the two dogs (which you have seen before on this blog). But most of the ground floors were taken out. Our house is uphill from the stream, […]

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