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Social distancing

Friday 27th March 2020, 9.25am (day 3,137)

Social distancing, 27/3/20

At the end of all this, how long before we are able to feel comfortable with each other again, physically close? Even the dogs are getting the message.

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Evening dog walk

Tuesday 16th June 2015, 7.30pm (day 1,391)

Evening dog walk, 16/6/15

The evenings are just so long at the moment, at this latitude — the sun still comfortably high enough in the sky to give the flare to the left, even at 7.30. Plenty of light, I like it. I wish it was like this all year but I guess the axial tilt problem will always remain insoluble.

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Frosty morning

Thursday 20th October 2011, 8.45am (day 56)

Frosty morning, 20/10/11

Beautiful morning today but a bloody cold one, with a sharp frost, clearly visible here. Well, that’s winter on the way then.

Slight reservations about posting this if only because there’ve been a lot of Hebden Bridge pictures this last few days. Off to Russia on Sunday however, to give this blog renewed international flavour.

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