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Diamond and Hugo (pack members)

Wednesday 3rd May 2023, 5.35pm (day 4,269)

Diamond and Hugo, 3/5/23

The group of humans and dogs who, on sunny afternoons like this one, generally are to be found occupying the seats out the front of the Railway Inn, are very much a pack. And for the canine members, like Diamond (in black livery) and Hugo, this is just fine, it fits their view of the world and each other. I like this portrait, it seems to sum up their character. I am letting it off the blob of flare on Diamond’s neck, too, which does not seem to detract too much.

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Hugo no-go

Monday 17th April 2023, 10.40pm (day 4,253)

Hugo in White Swan, 17/4/23

It’s approaching chucking out time on Monday night in the White Swan but Hugo doesn’t want to go anywhere. He’s quite comfy, thank you.

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Guarding breakfast

Sunday 12th March 2023, 8.55am (day 4,217)

Star Inn dog, 12/3/23

The house pooch of the Star Inn, Penzance, doesn’t necessarily take his guard dog duties all that seriously, at least not where the breakfast buffet is concerned. Then again I was the only guest, so presumably he’d decided I was legitimate.

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Cheap Bella shot

Tuesday 27th December 2022, 9.45am (day 4,142)

Bella, 27/12/22

Bella becomes the latest animal to make a definite second appearance on the blog, following her debut on Christmas Day 2015. Seven years on, little has changed about her, including this, her main tactic for persuading humans to give her food; if dogs know about the concept of a raison d’etre, the acquisition of food is Bella’s.

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Thora the Mogwai

Tuesday 25th October 2022, 4.25pm (day 4,079)

Thora the mogwai, 25/10/22

Thora is, of course, not a mogwai — the creature that spawns the Gremlins in the movie of that name — but she sure looks like one.

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Dog karaoke?

Sunday 2nd October 2022, 3.45pm (day 4,056)

Dog karaoke, 2/10/22

I have been looking at this sign for some months now, but only today really understood the implications. I’ve seen dog ice cream for sale, and in the Arndale centre in Manchester there is now a whole stall selling little doggy cakes and pastries. But dog karaoke? Methinks we are starting to pamper our little pooches just that little bit too much. Although I doubt the singing would be appreciably worse.

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I’m sure we’re not the same species

Saturday 3rd September 2022, 2.15pm (day 4,027)

Disparate dogs, 3/9/22

With no posts for ten days perhaps you thought I’d finally given up the ghost, or at least the blog had — but no, ’twas that old staple, “computer problems”. Not entirely solved now, so bear with me, but I shall start on the catching-up process at least. This encounter seems quite a while ago now, but one can see the basic curiosity-mingled-with-sheer-terror that this little dog exhibits, faced with this giant Newfoundland. Yes, they are the same species. That’s genetic engineering for you.

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Watching the beer come in

Thursday 18th August 2022, 4.40pm (day 4,011)

A day at home, between trips away, and watching the beer get delivered to the pub (from across the road, for some reason) was the day’s chief entertainment. Diamond the dog becomes the latest animal to make theblog twice, adopting much the same position as on her first appearance.

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On guard

Thursday 4th August 2022, 3.25pm (day 3,997)

Guarding the baby, 4/8/22

The dog was more alert than it perhaps looks here, so I am sure the baby was under safe guard.

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Ben gets some attention

Wednesday 27th July 2022, 4.20pm (day 3,989)

Ben the dog, 27/7/22

Ben gets some Him Time, and seems thoroughly contented by the experience. As the amount of white around his muzzle attests, he’s an old man, and at some later point in our own lives I guess we’ll all crave this kind of attention.

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