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Dalton Square, Lancaster

Saturday 9th March 2019, 6.30pm (day 2,753)

Dalton Square, 9/3/19

A Saturday up with the in-laws’ to celebrate Carol’s 70th birthday (happy birthday to her…). Dalton Square, the ceremonial centre of the city of Lancaster, looks rather festive — the impression being that these lights were put up for Christmas some time ago (see also this shot) but everyone rather liked them, so since then they’ve been a permanent fixture.

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Christmas lights switch-on

Friday 16th November 2018, 5.00pm (day 2,640)

Xmas switch on, 16/11/18

The Campaign for Real Christmas long ago lost its fight to restrict this festival to December, and so Hebden Bridge, like most other places, can’t wait for November to end before switching on its decorations and accompanying this with the sale of vast amounts of plastic that within two weeks will be in landfill somewhere. But the photo opportunities this affords were better than those at work today, so here we go, it’s Advent — here, anyway.

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Trades Club, Friday night

Friday 12th January 2018, 9.50pm (day 2,332)

Glitterball, 12/1/18

Planet Glitterball oversees the fun and frolics at the Friday night disco in the Trades Club. I remember going out. Not necessarily coming home, but that’s a story for Saturday morning. Perhaps.

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Pub lights

Saturday 16th September 2017, 4.40pm (day 2,214)

Pub lights, 16/9/17

Not much was ever going to happen today. I put this one up in vague homage to this weekend’s Hebden Bridge ‘Steampunk Festival’, as for some reason lovers of this genre hang around HB this weekend looking vaguely Victorian and take photos of each other and admire lighting like this. Well, that seems to be how it works, though I guess I just do not understand it.

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Dalton Square, Lancaster

Monday 23rd December 2013, 7.25pm (day 851)

Dalton Square, 23/12/13Visiting the in-laws’ for the annual Christmas stuff. This square sits beside Lancaster Town Hall, the large building in the background, and is attractively lit for the season — suitable accompaniment to the showing of It’s a Wonderful Life at the nearby cinema, another annual tradition in our household.


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Heathrow Terminal 5

Wednesday 7th December 2011, 11.10am (day 104)

Heathrow, Terminal 5, 7/12/11

A full day travelling. Today’s photographic challenge then: make airports/air travel look interesting or attractive. Here’s my best attempt.

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