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Work shirts (unworn)

Tuesday 21st April 2020, 5.35pm (day 3,162)

Work shirts, 21/4/20

The last time I was on campus was the 8th March (and it was deserted then, although that was because it was a Sunday). Since then, all work has been done at home, and the shirts I would wear to scrub up a bit in Manchester have gone unworn. Dry cleaning is another business that I assume has been deemed ‘non-essential’ at this time.

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Joe gets a suit

Sunday 3rd March 2019, 1.00pm (day 2,747)

Suit buying, 3/3/19

Tomorrow — or today as I post, that is, 4th March — is Joe’s 16th birthday, so it’s about time he made a reappearance here as it’s been nearly four months (12th November) since he featured. As one of his birthday gifts today we bought him a new suit, as it’s getting to that point in life where some form of occasional sartorial elegance will do one no harm. Eventual choice not pictured here, but he does look dapper in it. I know I would say that, of course.

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Excessive tie-dye

Sunday 27th May 2018, 10.00am (day 2,467)

Hippy shirts, 27/5/18

Bank Holiday weekend. The stalls are out to capture the tourists. Clearly we have become the Yorkshire equivalent of Nimbin, perceived as a hippy enclave. No one round here wears this. Well, OK, maybe a couple of people.

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