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A lonely party

Thursday 4th March 2021, 9.05pm (day 3,479)

Joe's 18th, 4/3/21

Is Joe the only person in the world whose most recent birthday has been a lonely affair, deprived of real contact with friends and all but his immediate family? Of course not. But that doesn’t lessen the sense of sadness that I feel, while at the same time, celebrating the anniversary. Not just any birthday this year, either. He is 18, the age of legal responsibility, official adulthood. Whether that makes him feel any different than he did yesterday is his own concern. But somehow, I feel different.

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Market, with real people

Saturday 20th February 2021, 2.20pm (day 3,467)

I had candidates for today that were better pictures, maybe, but I really wanted to see people’s faces today. And no, I don’t mean masked ones.

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I have a new Official Birthday

Sunday 17th November 2019, 7.40pm (day 3,006)

Official birthday sparkler, 17/11/19

Having stayed at the in-laws’ over the weekend, it was announced that I was being taken out for dinner this Sunday night — and the justification being that they hadn’t had the chance to be taken out for my 50th birthday back at the end of August. Seeing as a rather long time had elapsed between then and today we decided that, like the Queen, I should have a real birtday and then an ‘Official Birthday’ — weeks later in the year (Queen Elizabeth II has her real birthday on April 21st and then an Official thing in June some time). Forgive my presumption, but I got a cake and everything, here pictured with sparkler flaiming, so I’m happy to embrace a second such day each year. On November 17th perhaps — let’s see if I remember it 🙂

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Joe inspects the cake

Thursday 14th December 2017, 8.45pm (day 2,303)

Joe and cake, 14/12/17

Among the subjects Joe is taking at school these days is cookery (aka ‘food technology’ or some other such euphemism). Every Thursday we are becoming used to him bringing home food that has always been more than just palatable. This ginger cake was lit with a candle as a proxy celebration for my Dad’s birthday (happy birthday Dad….). And very tasty it was.

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Cake/No Cake

Tuesday 30th August 2016, 8.45am (day 1,832)

Cake or no cake, 30/8/16

Beautiful morning in Manchester. Took two or three photos I was happy with, but all of them before 8.50am; after emerging from a day at work the light had mostly gone. Anyway it’s about time I acknowledged a morning again, after 12 consecutive afternoon shots. The sign points into (or away from) the entrance to Café Muse at the Manchester Museum.

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Liz and her roulade

Wednesday 18th February 2015, 1.30pm (day 1,273)

Liz and roulade, 18/2/15

First day of a welcome five-day break from work. As a gift bought last year (months ago, in fact), Clare booked me on a baking course today run by the very impressive set up at Slattery’s in north Manchester (actually Bury). Got up very early, put in as hard a day’s work as I have in a long time, and came out of it with a lot of very nice cakes and ideas about how to repeat this production process. I tried to document it on camera as well without getting too much in the way or distracted from my own labours. Here Liz, one of my four fellow students, gets her roulade base out of the oven, to soon be filled with strawberries and cream. Yum.

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