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Garden fruits

Wednesday 22nd July 2020, 4.35pm (day 3,254)

Raspberries, 22/7/20

Late July, a time of year when certain things are fated to happen.  I have time off work and do as little as I can, and the garden begins producing fruit.  Fate has done its duty with both in 2020, despite everything.

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Wednesday 3rd August 2016, 10.45am (day 1,805)

Raspberries, 4/8/16

Clare says she here sees ‘only the dead one’ but the rest were good to go… and the apples in the background are also coming along nicely. Thing about raspberries though, they’re really just weeds; they seem to grow everywhere except where was actually intended.

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Sunday 13th July 2014, 12.10pm (day 1,053)

Raspberries, 13/7/14

Beautiful weather at the moment and it’s always nice when the garden starts to produce.

And well done to Germany, too.

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