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A lonely party

Thursday 4th March 2021, 9.05pm (day 3,479)

Joe's 18th, 4/3/21

Is Joe the only person in the world whose most recent birthday has been a lonely affair, deprived of real contact with friends and all but his immediate family? Of course not. But that doesn’t lessen the sense of sadness that I feel, while at the same time, celebrating the anniversary. Not just any birthday this year, either. He is 18, the age of legal responsibility, official adulthood. Whether that makes him feel any different than he did yesterday is his own concern. But somehow, I feel different.

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In the restaurant (serving spoons)

Tuesday 12th February 2019, 7.30pm (day 2,728)

Indian restaurant, 12/2/19

Another ‘fiery’ shot but this time at the end of the day, and an interior, rather than the morning light. An evening out for Valentine’s, a couple of days in advance. The spoons were serving the starter, and very nice it was too (as was the rest of the meal).

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Joe inspects the cake

Thursday 14th December 2017, 8.45pm (day 2,303)

Joe and cake, 14/12/17

Among the subjects Joe is taking at school these days is cookery (aka ‘food technology’ or some other such euphemism). Every Thursday we are becoming used to him bringing home food that has always been more than just palatable. This ginger cake was lit with a candle as a proxy celebration for my Dad’s birthday (happy birthday Dad….). And very tasty it was.

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On the Christmas dinner table (Iris the lego lady)

Sunday 25th December 2016, 6.40pm (day 1,949)

Xmas lego lady, 25/12/16

Never easy to know what to choose to epitomise Christmas Day, particularly when it’s been a fairly uneventful one — though nice, just spent with the family, eating, socialising, etc. The decorations on the dinner table will do as well as anything to represent this… with a guest appearance from Iris the lego lady. A happy Christmas to you all, however you have spent it.

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Burning down

Friday 2nd November 2012, 6.30pm (day 435)

Candle, 2/11/12

Pictured in the Hole in the Wall pub, at the stub end of another week. Is it the end of term yet?

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