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Crocus explosion

Friday 25th February 2022, 3.30pm (day 3,837)

Crocus explosion, 25/2/22

As reliable an early signifier of spring as anything else — and the crocuses are early this year. Nor has their February arrival diminished them in number, certainly not on this lawn in front of Lancaster Castle, anyway.

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Pinks and purples

Thursday 13th June 2019, 11.45am (day 2,849)

Pink and purple, 13/6/19

It’s not been the most exciting of weeks and local flowers and walls are about the limit of my ambitions for a time. Summer colours perhaps, but no summer weather: the monsoon remains clamped overhead with few signs of it shifting just yet.

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“Move along, nothing to see here”…

Monday 22nd October 2018, 4.55pm (day 2,615)

Purple alien, 22/10/18

…so the guy second left seems to be saying. Why this tableau stands near platform 14 of Piccadilly station in Manchester at the moment I have no idea. Perhaps just for the photo opportunities.

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George in Arundel Park

Sunday 10th April 2016, 9.45am (day 1,690)

George, Arundel Park_10/4/16

My friend George featured on the blog fairly recently (in February in fact) — but I like her purple hair, just right for this very pleasant morning in West Sussex, so let’s feature her again…

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The aliens from the planet Kohl Rabi

Saturday 12th December 2015, 11.10am (day 1,570)

Alien kohl rabi, 12/12/15

“Bzzzt. Frpppp. Bzzt. Calling Purple Leader. Calling Purple Leader. We seem to have been captured by the humans, after a disastrous miscalculation of scale.”

“This is Purple Leader. I think I can get my pseudopod in place, and flip the ship over. Then they’ll be sorry…… Ah, sod it. What does ‘£1.00 each’ mean anyway?”

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