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No play allowed

Thursday 7th May 2020, 11.10am (day 3,178)

Wrapped swings, 7/5/20

On Sunday our glorious leader Mr. Johnson will apparently announce, well, something: as eagerly awaited as the (absent) football results, this speech will define our fate for the next few weeks. My prediction — we will be let out to work, but not to play, a conclusion I somehow try to illustrate with these taped-up swings in the nearby playground. But who will admit that play creates work…. one of those ‘non-essential’ elements driving the economy and giving meaning to our lives? You can’t have one without the other.

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Mid-December playground

Saturday 14th December 2019, 12.40pm (day 3,033)

December playground, 14/12/19

Grim and bleak seem to have been themes for a few days now, and with this particular mid-December being even grimmer and bleaker than is normal for the time of year, the theme is likely to continue. Is Limeside Park in Oldham a more welcoming place on a sunny day in May? Of course it is, but then again, so is everywhere.

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Rainy day

Saturday 12th September 2015, 11.30am (day 1,479)

Rainy playground, 12/9/15

It cleared up considerably after about 1.30pm, but until then was pretty awful, vindicating my decision not to go on a Lake District walk today. These swings only seem to get pictured in bad weather.

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Sunday 9th November 2014, 10.20am (day 1,172)

Playground, 9/11/14

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The playground

Friday 18th January 2013, 9.35am (day 512)

Snowy playground, 18/1/13

The defining factor at the moment is the weather, as any of your British friends will probably tell you, although it’s far from being a major fall of snow, at least, not round here. But I don’t care either way. I don’t have to go anywhere until Tuesday.

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The parents taking shelter

Wednesday 4th January 2012, 2.55pm (day 132)

Taking shelter, 4/1/12

The weather today was as foul as it’s been on any day of this blog so far. I was on picking-up duty from school. The only place to shelter there is this gazebo-like structure. By the time I arrived it was already full of other parents. 15 minutes later Joe ambled out and then wondered why he didn’t get a treat on the way home.

Joe’s fantasy, by the way, is that his school gets flooded. Well, it’s called Riverside for a reason. If this rain keeps up he might get his wish.

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