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Mild irony

Sunday 7th November 2021, 1.45pm (day 3,727)

Travel irony, 7/11/21

I was all packed and ready to go on my Atlatnic journey on schedule. But with a 24-hour flight delay to sit through first, the mild irony of this bus, the latest (irrelevant) ‘rail replacement’, did occur to me.

I’m off tomorrow though. My Internet connection will be unpredictable until the end of November, so for the next three weeks I’ll upload when I can.

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Near-normality (Victoria station)

Thursday 5th August 2021, 10.15am (day 3,633)

Replacement bus sign, 5/8/21

I had a work meeting today, that included lunch, face-to-face with two other people. The rail service is having its annual summer ‘upgrading’ spasm and so my journey to and from this meeting was a complex — but not, it should be said, unpunctual — tangle of three different trains, two buses and a taxi.

All in all then, a sense of normality returns (perhaps leaving out the bit about punctuality).

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Not as helpful as it first appears

Thursday 12th January 2017, 8.25am (day 1,967)

Unhelpful door, 12/1/17

The second door in two days. This one not as helpful as it first appears. The irony is obvious if you read the sign. Dedicated to my friend Doug, who collects this kind of thing.

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Beneath the ‘no fly tipping’ sign

Saturday 27th December 2014, 11.35am (day 1,220)

No fly tipping, 27/12/14

The sign posted to the lamppost says ‘no fly tipping’. It’s irony, isn’t it. That bike’s been there for a couple of weeks now I come to think of it. And yes, it snowed last night, if only lightly. But the run of not having been near any since 21/1/13 is broken.

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Public works

Tuesday 11th November 2014, 9.25am (day 1,174)

Public works, 11/11/14

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Sunday 9th November 2014, 10.20am (day 1,172)

Playground, 9/11/14

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