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Well, he’s happy

Monday 21st December 2020, 1.50pm (day 3,406)

Swinging gnome, 21/12/20

Having taken up the habitat of occasionally walking up and down the valley of the Hebden Water, simply to keep my spirits and step count up, on several occasions recently I have passed this little guy in one of the allotments along the riverside and taken a shot. Today he can make the blog. This is the kind of carefree attitude it would be nice to affect at the present time. What does he know of ministerial incompetence, lockdown loving and general paranoia. Even on midwinter’s day.

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No play allowed

Thursday 7th May 2020, 11.10am (day 3,178)

Wrapped swings, 7/5/20

On Sunday our glorious leader Mr. Johnson will apparently announce, well, something: as eagerly awaited as the (absent) football results, this speech will define our fate for the next few weeks. My prediction — we will be let out to work, but not to play, a conclusion I somehow try to illustrate with these taped-up swings in the nearby playground. But who will admit that play creates work…. one of those ‘non-essential’ elements driving the economy and giving meaning to our lives? You can’t have one without the other.

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Rainy day

Saturday 12th September 2015, 11.30am (day 1,479)

Rainy playground, 12/9/15

It cleared up considerably after about 1.30pm, but until then was pretty awful, vindicating my decision not to go on a Lake District walk today. These swings only seem to get pictured in bad weather.

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The playground

Friday 18th January 2013, 9.35am (day 512)

Snowy playground, 18/1/13

The defining factor at the moment is the weather, as any of your British friends will probably tell you, although it’s far from being a major fall of snow, at least, not round here. But I don’t care either way. I don’t have to go anywhere until Tuesday.

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