No play allowed

Thursday 7th May 2020, 11.10am (day 3,178)

Wrapped swings, 7/5/20

On Sunday our glorious leader Mr. Johnson will apparently announce, well, something: as eagerly awaited as the (absent) football results, this speech will define our fate for the next few weeks. My prediction — we will be let out to work, but not to play, a conclusion I somehow try to illustrate with these taped-up swings in the nearby playground. But who will admit that play creates work…. one of those ‘non-essential’ elements driving the economy and giving meaning to our lives? You can’t have one without the other.

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One thought on “No play allowed

  1. treksandtors says:

    The, Nail, On, Hit, Head, The. All yours to rearrange!!

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