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The entrance to Ainsdale Beach

Saturday 1st May 2021, 12.10pm (day 3,537)

Ainsdale Beach, 1/5/21

Ainsdale Beach is a voluminous expanse of golden sand: so voluminous, in fact, that like many other places on the same coast, north of Liverpool (see our trip to Crosby last November), the nearby land is gradually being taken over. The buildings you see here are derelict, not (this time) because of the Great Fear, but because of the encroachment of these dunes. This is an attractive place, but a melancholy one.

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Being a Reader

Wednesday 21st October 2020, 3.40pm (day 3,345)

Reading in pub, 21/10/20

My job title is Reader. That means, as a local Prof once put it to me, that there are times when I should just be doing some f***ing reading. I agree with him, and accept that it’s a perk of the job that there are times I can validly do it while nursing a pint of Old Peculier during working hours.

The book, by the way, is Nick Hayes’ The Book of Trespass and I highly recommend it, particularly if you are (specifically) English. It has a lot to say about how control is asserted over our national psyche.


Tuesday 26th February 2019, 7.15am (day 2,742)

Hemispheres, 26/2/19

Two hemispheres… one of them real, atop the Corn Exchange in Manchester, one just apparent. But it balances nicely on the other. Would it be better if the spike pointed right to the terminator? Well, maybe, but then it wouldn’t balance, would it?

Two days in a row of photos at 7:nn am, as well: the last time that happened was May 2017. Must be the good weather making me keen. Or the realisation that I have six months left of my forties, which is true as of today.

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The world’s urinals (part 2)

Friday 6th July 2018, 6.20pm (day 2,507)

Urinals, 6/7/18

All human life is here. If the first set of urinals could make it onto the blog, so can these.

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Transition (grey to blue)

Wednesday 18th April 2018, 4.35pm (day 2,428)

Grey into blue, 18/4/18

Sledgehammer symbolism it may be but anyone living in most of the UK today observed that we transitioned rather suddenly from winter into full-on spring. And it’s forecast to stay. On such a day, let us use the Railway as a bridge.

A nice day also to mark the 2,000th picture on this blog taken in the UK. If Cambridge Analytica find it significant that I have spent 82.37% of my time over that period in my home country — there you go, I’ve saved them the bother of doing the maths.

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Closed today. And for another six years.

Wednesday 17th January 2018, 4.10pm (day 2,337)

Town Hall closed, 17/1/18

The title — and the sign — refer to the closure, as of today, of Manchester Town Hall for restoration, ‘until 2024’.

You know, I was just thinking that what this city really needs is a significant, very extended, disruptive building project. I’ll be fifty-five fucking years old in 2024.

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New Market, 2017

Monday 14th August 2017, 9.00am (day 2,181)

New Market, 2017, 14/8/17

Finally, a street in Manchester which seems to have rid itself of its building works. New Market has had its transformation sporadically documented on here: this was it before the building, this one during, and now above. Was it worth all the bother? The premises on the right have become a hotel in the mean time: but I wouldn’t say much else has happened.


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Leeds station bar, Friday night

Friday 27th January 2017, 6.40pm (day 1,982)

Leeds station bar, 27/1/17

Clare’s doing a course in London tomorrow (Saturday) so it seemed like an opportunity to get in a weekend away. Late trip though, so we were passing through Leeds station when Friday night was becoming busy.

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Vote Elrica

Wednesday 24th February 2016, 10.20am (day 1,644)

Vote Elrica, 24/2/16

It must be nearly spring. Both the crocuses and the campaign banners for this year’s Student Union elections have come out right on cue. The pigeons seem unmoved by either, however.

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Dog/owner couple

Tuesday 12th January 2016, 4.40pm (day 1,601)

Dog/owner couple, 12/1/16

I know a few dog/owner couples — connoting not just the usual doggy relations but where the two actively look alike. For an example of what I mean, well, see here….

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