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The flock works out

Wednesday 27th October 2021, 11.30am (day 3,716)

Many pigeons, 27/10/21

The community of pigeons that live in Hebden Bridge town centre sometimes act as one, particularly when it comes to their group callisthenics. They take off en masse, circle round for a while, then all land again. This flock was so large that here you see both the ones nearby, and those in the distance, already further round the circuit. Military exercises spring to mind — the ducks must be worried.

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A burned bit of Iceland (not the UK!)

Sunday 10th October 2021, 2.40pm (day 3,699)

Iceland view, 10/10/21

Yes folks, after 615 consecutive days on the island of Great Britain, I have finally left it. It was February 2nd 2020, in Bucharest, that this blog last featured anywhere outside England, Scotland or Wales. You know the reasons why. And yes, I appreciate travel can be seen as a privilege, and I’m grateful that I’ve finally broken the run, for all that the last 20 months have, at least at times, seen plenty of interesting sights.

This is not my final destination: instead this was taken on my first descent, into Keflavik airport, where I and the family were last seen waiting out the 12-hour flight delay that EasyJet (never, ever again) subjected us to in July 2019. I changed planes here and moved on. You can tell it’s Iceland, though — only that island has random burned bits like this, huge lumps of volcanic cinder that just seem here to be a normal part of the landscape.

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Abort, abort!

Friday 17th January 2020, 1.45pm (day 3,067)

Aborted landing, 17/1/20

If this fake owl sitting at the top of a building on Bridge Gate ever did deter the local pigeon troops from settling there, it’s long since stopped working. In fact, this photo was supposed to be of a whole bunch of them sat around and on it. But a second before I clicked the shutter, one of those intangible signals went through them all and off they flew, leaving me just with these last two in take-off mode. But I like it, as it makes it appear as if they have in fact decided to abort a landing — maybe, just maybe, because of the ‘owl’.

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First sunset since Friday

Wednesday 21st June 2017, 8.55pm (day 2,127)

Sunset over Manchester, 21/6/17Today was the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere’s longest day. But seeing as I’ve been north of the Arctic Circle since Saturday morning this was a regression, in daylight terms. No problem with that however. The 24-hour daylight was nice in some ways but it could become monotonous after a while. Shot taken from above Manchester on the final flight home: the city centre is just visible down there in the haze.

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The one decent thing about air travel

Thursday 29th March 2012, 7.20am (day 217)

Above Domodedovo, 29/3/12

Well, there’s the views and then there’s the chance to get wine 24 hours a day (and sometimes for free). Oh yeah, and the occasional decent movie. (Watched The Ides of March today. Recommended.)

This photo was taken 5 minutes after take-off from Domodedovo airport, Moscow.

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Flying to Bergen

Monday 7th November 2011, 5.05pm (day 74)

Above the clouds, 7/11/11

Air travel is not a mode of transport designed to deliver many pleasures, but there is a beauty to being above the clouds and seeing them tinged by the setting sun.

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Pigeons, Hebden Bridge

Wednesday 21st September 2011, 8.45am (day 27)

Pigeons, 21/9/11

Some pictures you just take by chance. This was supposed to be a picture of some workmen, and they’re still there in the invisible three-quarters of this significantly cropped image, but as I took it, this flock of pigeons flew across. It’s not a bad shot, though the birds are quite blurred and that branch that goes across the lower centre of the picture unbalances it a bit. But though I took some other nice pix on what was a pleasant morning here, with all the others, I could probably take them again. A shot like this may only happen once, so I’m nominating it for today.

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