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The view from seat 79K

Sunday 24th March 2019, 6.55pm (Gulf standard time) (day 2,768)

Flying to Dubai, 24/3/19

This is how I spent my day, up in a huge tin pipe, consuming inordinate amounts of fossil fuels and generally being a little bored. I got the usual window seat in the hope that, as it was a daytime flight, there would be plenty of photo opportunities, but there were clouds almost everywhere, including over places one would think would normally be rather sunny (like Iraq, for example). Thus, this interior — the 11th pic on the blog where I’ve been unable to specify what country I was in at the time.

However, I do know where I’m going, and barring the highly unexpected there will be four different countries coming up in the next three weeks, three of which I have not visited properly before (meaning, more than just changing planes there). But it’s a work trip — mostly — so you may just get a load of office interiors, particularly for this first few days….

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Low flyer

Wednesday 5th October 2016, 5.40pm (day 1,868)

Low flyer, 5/10/16

Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Anonymous cargo planes (there were two of them), flying very low over Hebden Bridge. What with the daily lunacies pouring out of the Tory party conference at the moment, these are probably just the start of military operations against organic farmers.

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Flying to Bergen

Monday 7th November 2011, 5.05pm (day 74)

Above the clouds, 7/11/11

Air travel is not a mode of transport designed to deliver many pleasures, but there is a beauty to being above the clouds and seeing them tinged by the setting sun.

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Evening light, Manchester Airport

Monday 26th September 2011, 6.00pm (day 32)

Evening light, Manchester airport, 26/9/11res

To mark the start of its second month, this blog is going international for 3 days – to Finland, as it happens. I wanted to get a shot inside the airport to try to encapsulate the day but they are such intrinsically boring and bland places, and you keep thinking that if you snap away, some security guard is going to come and confiscate your phone. Fortunately while we were on the taxiway waiting for take-off, the evening light shone just so, and something came of the wait.

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