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Optimistic stage

Thursday 17th June 2021, 8.15am (day 3,584)

MIF stage, 17/6/21

Since the start of the Great Fear it’s been the cities, like Manchester, which have felt the most alien and empty. Shoppers have come back, but not yet tourists nor office workers. Whether or not those latter groups will return, and how, is still an open question. But this stage, being built for the Manchester International Festival is, to me, a sign of optimism — yet there are still so many lockdown-loving lunatics out there (most obviously in the Labour Party) that we may never be sure of anything again. Covid ain’t going away, anyone. We will be catching it, ‘testing positive’ for it, for the rest of our lives. Get used to it.

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Outside Victoria station, early

Tuesday 14th January 2019, 7.35am (day 3,064)

Tree by NFM, 14/1/20

Well, early enough. Discounting the special case of the shot taken at the airport on arriving home from Indonesia, the earliest morning shot, in Manchester or anywhere else, since the end of October. I do wish the mornings would hurry up and get lighter, which they never do until well after the evenings have lengthened. I know it’s the same every year, but we should put in a complaint to the Universe, or something. The Solar System Organising Commitee (Axial Tilt Division), at least.

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Manchester (temporarily)

Friday 4th August 2017, 11.55am (day 2,171)

Manchester from Urbis, 4/8/17

I’m still on holiday, so I’m not here. You haven’t seen me. (Taken from inside the Urbis/National Football Museum building, though you can’t prove that.)

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My students at the National Football Museum

Friday 3rd March 2017, 11.10am (day 2,017)

NFM field trip, 3/3/17

I do say that on this blog no pictures are staged or posed, and this is the case — I do not arrange any photos specifically to be a blog post, I just take pictures of what’s happening around me at any given time. This is perhaps on the borderline of acceptability then but I did take this photo anyway, for other purposes, and it was the one that I liked best today. My Educational Technology and Communication students on their annual field trip to the National Football Museum in Manchester, with replicas of the Premier League and FA Cup trophies.

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Piece to camera

Friday 17th June 2016, 9.20am (day 1,758)

Piece to camera, 17/6/16

I don’t watch TV so I don’t know who the woman on the left is, but she’s clearly something to do with TV presenting because the gaggle of lighting technicians and cameramen seen here are just a portion of the posse of hangers-on, outside broadcast vans, police outriders and so on, that surrounded her in front of the National Football Museum this morning. Anyone care to provide the ID?

UPDATE: Apparently this is Michelle Ackerley — they were filming a piece for BBC’s Crimewatch (hence all the coppers, which I did think were otherwise a bit excessive)

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Snow day (birthday)

Friday 4th March 2016, 12 noon (day 1,653)

Outside NFM, 4/3/16

Today was Joe’s bithrday. Amazingly, I seem to as of today be the parent of a teenager. Yet it was a win-win situation for him, because almost the first thing that happened today was that we got the phone call telling us it was a snow day, thus a day off school. But he didn’t lie around doing nothing — I took him into Manchester instead, where it was just as revoltingly snowy.

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Joe hits it

Monday 26th October 2015, 12.15pm (day 1,523)

Hit it, NFM, 26/10/15

It’s Joe’s half-term, so to occupy him (and also mark Clare’s birthday) we went to the National Football Museum in Manchester. This is part of the new “From Pitch to Pixel” exhibition, head that bright orange ball and become part of some giant interactive artwork being compiled over several months, called “Hit It!”. And become part of my rather longer-lasting interactive artwork too….

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Mending the NFM

Tuesday 19th May 2015, 10.20am (day 1,363)

Mending NFM, 19/5/15

Instalment n+1 in the occasional series, “Blokes Up The Sides of Manchester Buildings Doing Their Jobs” (see also here, here and here).

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Outside the NFM

Tuesday 21st April 2015, 8.50am (day 1,335)

Outside NFM, 21/4/15

As I try to keep cranking up the creativity levels on days that otherwise mundane and work-filled, it helps if a) the light is right (continued glorious weather throughout the UK) and b) someone walks across the shot at just the right moment.

(Note also how the Co-operative Group have subliminally got their branding into the picture.)

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Outside the National Football Museum

Monday 23rd February 2015, 1.30pm (day 1,278)

Outside NFM, 23/2/15

The day of the museum field trip, heralded by my recce a few days ago. Rather than repeating a shot from inside here’s a relatively abstract view of the exterior, reflecting the clouds of a stormy day.

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