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Another Manchester Monday morning

Monday 9th July 2018, 7.15am (day 2,510)

By Urbis, 9/7/18

Since the addition of a 6.32 train service from Hebden to Manchester in the mornings I have been braving the earlier start more often as it is a civilised train with leg room. Hence the recent run of 7:00 – 7:45 shots from the city centre. I like the trilogy of red/orange on this shot. The social implications, less so.

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Manchester (temporarily)

Friday 4th August 2017, 11.55am (day 2,171)

Manchester from Urbis, 4/8/17

I’m still on holiday, so I’m not here. You haven’t seen me. (Taken from inside the Urbis/National Football Museum building, though you can’t prove that.)

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Outside the NFM

Tuesday 21st April 2015, 8.50am (day 1,335)

Outside NFM, 21/4/15

As I try to keep cranking up the creativity levels on days that otherwise mundane and work-filled, it helps if a) the light is right (continued glorious weather throughout the UK) and b) someone walks across the shot at just the right moment.

(Note also how the Co-operative Group have subliminally got their branding into the picture.)

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Outside the National Football Museum

Monday 23rd February 2015, 1.30pm (day 1,278)

Outside NFM, 23/2/15

The day of the museum field trip, heralded by my recce a few days ago. Rather than repeating a shot from inside here’s a relatively abstract view of the exterior, reflecting the clouds of a stormy day.

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National Football Museum

Monday 23rd June 2014, 4.40pm (day 1,033)

NFM, 23/6/14

Time to slip in another football reference, as we are now 11 days into the World Cup. Beautiful day in Manchester (and in most of the rest of the UK) today.

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Still dark at Victoria Station

Monday 17th December 2012, 7.45am (day 480)

Still dark, 17/12/12

Bloody hell, roll on the solstice – all the way into Manchester on the early morning cattle truck and it doesn’t even have the decency to be starting to get light by the time I arrive. Today was probably my most daylight-free day of the winter so far. The one consolation – I will have no more Monday mornings like this for months now.

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Dry patch, Urbis

Wednesday 13th June 2012, 9.30am (day 293)

Dry patch, 13/6/12

Urbis has already appeared on this blog more than once; but seeing as it’s right outside Manchester Victoria station, I walk past it an awful lot, so it has plenty of chances. And I think it’s a relatively handsome building. This shot came about because just as I walked up the ramp, on another drizzly day, a truck drove off and left this perfectly rectangular dry patch. My in-camera shot had the wrong white balance setting on it and was a bit fuzzy, but a fiddle in iPhoto and here we have this abstract. Not bad.

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Urbis, Manchester

Wednesday 11th April 2012, 6.10pm (day 230)

Outside Urbis, 11/4/12

Am still off work so was going into Manchester tonight, for an evening out, as opposed to passing this place on the way in to work in the morning. It’s actually not ‘Urbis’ any more – a failed museum of ‘city life’ it is apparently being converted into the new National Football Museum, though there’s little actual sign of that happening right now. Took me a couple of minutes to get this exact photo as lots of other people were walking past, I kept hoping that a) the light would stay b) the girls wouldn’t just get up and leave and c) no one would arrest me for pointing a camera at them for ages.

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Urbis and the Arndale Centre, Manchester

Thursday 1st December 2011, 9.35am (day 98)

Urbis and Arndale, 1/12/11

December 2011 dawned pleasantly mild – rather different than the 1st December 2010, the defining characteristic of which will be clear from a quick look at this Facebook album. The light this morning was really good: a good sign of that is when you pass a scene you see two or three times a week, on average, and see it in…. well, see it in a new light. As here.

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