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Much-ignored signage

Thursday 15th February 2018, 9.20am (day 2,366)

No entry, 15/2/18

Hey, I’m not morally censuring. A few seconds after taking this shot (oh look…. sunshine!), I also ignored the signage. Everybody does. Come off the footbridge leading to platforms 4-6 on Victoria station and you can ignore it, too.

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Victoria station

Wednesday 23rd November 2016, 9.45am (day 1,917)

Victoria, 23/11/16

After three days at home, working, made it back into the big city, to do some more work. So be it. I like this shot because while I’d normally feel that the newspaper stands were clutter, here I like how they feel akin to the people, randomly distributed across the field of view. And the patches of green colour to the right.

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The 16.16 train home at Victoria

Tuesday 17th November 2015, 4.15pm (day 1,545)

16.16 home, 17/11/15Depressing and slightly weird day for various reasons so I lacked both inspiration and inclination to get the camera out much. Even when I did I had the ISO setting too low for such a grey, dull day so everything turned out blurred. Even this one is slightly defiled by the presence of the Leeds United shirt. But thus went my day. At least the trains were punctual.

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Victoria station

Wednesday 19th August 2015, 9.20am (day 1,455)

Victoria, 19/8/15

Plenty of pictures at the moment of this place, but that’s because it’s nice to see a public works project that has actually turned out pretty well.

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Still dark at Victoria Station

Monday 17th December 2012, 7.45am (day 480)

Still dark, 17/12/12

Bloody hell, roll on the solstice – all the way into Manchester on the early morning cattle truck and it doesn’t even have the decency to be starting to get light by the time I arrive. Today was probably my most daylight-free day of the winter so far. The one consolation – I will have no more Monday mornings like this for months now.

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