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Morning train, Rochdale

Thursday 14th July 2022, 7.35am (day 3,976)

Passengers at Rochdale, 14/7/22

Passengers in various states of thought and repose, as the train pulled into Rochdale on the way into work. Or, I suspect for the guy immediately opposite me, home after a rather heavy night.

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Waiting for the 8:32

Friday 26th April 2019, 8.30am (day 2,801)

HB station, 26/4/19

Plans to minimise my time in Manchester while on sabbatical have not been successful this week (or next). The weather turned during the day, as well, and it was quite cool and rainy by the evening. A pleasant morning on HB station though: just the latest in a number of occasions where the arrangement of fellow passengers on the platform has interested me.

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Somewhere between Abu Dhabi and Manchester

Tuesday 16th April 2019, 4.15am (day 2,791)

Asleep on plane, 16/4/19

The clock on my camera was set to 4.15am when I took this but I can’t remember whether this is before or after I adjusted it out of Emirates time when I changed planes in Abu Dhabi. Maybe it’s Gulf time and maybe it’s UK time and maybe we were somewhere over [insert Eastern European country of choice] at this point; either way the night was endless, timeless. This is only the blog’s third 4.nn am shot and the first two were both in its first year.

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Passengers arriving, Schiphol

Monday 28th September 2015, 3.25pm (day 1,495)

Schiphol arrivals, 28/9/15

Although I have been doing plenty of work trips recently they have all been in the UK, and it’s been six months since I was actually at Manchester airport heading off somewhere for work. Today I changed planes in Schiphol, one of those hub airports that almost everyone who flies probably ends up at some point or another, and what a joyful place it is…. I was sitting behind this fence watching the arriving passengers get off the plane we were about to get on, and I kind of like this shot just for the effect, how the fence and the light make the woman look sort of ghostly.

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