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Bluebell season

Monday 20th April 2020, 9.55am (day 3,161)

Bluebells, 20/4/20

At the moment, some pictures just need saving up for a day when there’s nothing else to show. The bluebells have been out for a few days now. Is there a flower with a more appropriate name? Beyond the fact that they don’t make a sound, it’s hard to fault it.

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Bluebell meadow

Sunday 2nd June 2013, 3.05pm (day 647)

Bluebell meadow, 2/6/13

I know I did the same theme a couple of days ago but if I’m to truly encapsulate the day then I have to return to it. Went on a walk up to the woods of Hardcastle Crags today, and the bluebells are making a spectacular display this year. They are a signal species, if the bluebells are healthy, the wood’s healthy, so this is a good sight. I think anyone familiar with the English countryside reacts to bluebells at a pretty primal level.

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Bluebells and insects

Friday 31st May 2013, 2.30pm (day 645)

Bluebells and insects, 31/5/13

Three days of photos back home in HB and they’ve all had a floral theme; which is certainly pervasive as a theme, round here at the moment. There is more going on in this picture than you might at first think, however: this was taken into a cloud of insects, several of which are lit up in the sunlight to the top right of the shot.

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