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Fungus field

Sunday 27th November 2022, 10.40am (day 4,112)

Fungus field, 27/11/22

I’m not confident enough to start picking and frying random fungi that I come across along the way, though I know some who will do so. These look tasty enough to me though. As pictured in the garden of the B & B, but a less gratuitous shot than yesterday evening’s.

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Meadow near Old Town

Saturday 23rd May 2020, 2.10pm (day 3,194)

Meadow, 23/5/20

As we wait for the various right-wing journalists, lobbyists for the tobacco industry and corporate executives who now hold positions of power in this country to do something, anything, to help get us out of this state of incarceration — I go on a walk, look at the meadows, and don’t hold my breath.

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Pampas grass (office window view)

Monday 19th November 2018, 10.20am (day 2,643)

Pampas grass, 19/11/18

I try when I can to make these photos somehow epitomise the day, but this is an exception. I spent almost the whole day in a room interviewing job applicants. This is just a shot grabbed out of my office window, in one of the few bursts of light on this otherwise grey November Monday. But I like these natural feather dusters, Cortaderia selloana or pampas grass. Very 1970s. Then again so’s the building I work in.

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Above Haweswater (grass and dead bracken)

Thursday 13th November 2014, 12.50pm (day 1,176)

Grass and bracken, 13/11/14

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Grasses, Sawdust Bay, Stewart Island

Friday 22nd February 2013, 12.25pm (day 547)

Grasses, Sawdust Bay, 22/2/13

Nice photos as they are I feel that both of the last two days’, being taken in the evening, haven’t captured the brilliant light of this place – particularly as it is having unusually bright, warm and settled weather at the moment (apparently their whole summer has been good). This was taken on the second day of my walk round the Rakiura Track, a 25-mile yomp through, well, rather a lot of forest actually, but this moment the light did open up.

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Late August shadows

Tuesday 28th August 2012, 9.35am (day 369)

Shadows, 28/8/12

The wildly optimistic part of me still thinks that come September maybe we will get a run of nice warm and sunny days, but even if September in the UK can often be fine that is probably clutching at straws. The day was a largely pleasant one but there was just something autumnal about the morning, a crispness in the air that foretells the cold to come.

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