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By the canal

Sunday 15th March 2015, 4.40pm (day 1,298)

Daffodils by canal, 15/3/15

Spring continues to try to struggle through the general atmosphere of chill and damp. Taken by the Stubbing Holme lock on the canal, heavy with water thanks to the snow melt from Thursday’s unexpected fall.

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University of Manchester campus

Thursday 22nd March 2012, 1.55pm (day 210)

Daffodils on campus, 22/3/12

I know I did this theme a couple of days ago but there really wasn’t any other photo today which encapsulated what was an absolutely glorious spring day.

Incidentally, those who know the Manchester campus may be bemused as to where this is, because it really must be one of the least green campuses in Britain – there is hardly any green space, plus this bloody big road running right through the middle of it. Trust me however: this is just outside Blackwell’s, under the ramp to the shopping precinct and opposite the Kilburn building.

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Rook and daffodils

Tuesday 20th March 2012, 9.15am (day 208)

Rook and daffodils, 20/3/12

Had this one all lined up, as the bird perched on this fence pole, but then it moved just as I pressed the shutter. Ah well, it’s still interesting, though it might have done the decent thing and flown down to the ground in front of the pole instead of behind it.

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