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Closed to preserve public health

Tuesday 12th May 2020, 12.15pm (day 3,183)

Closed gym, 12/5/20

One could say it’s a paradox that we have chosen to help sustain the good health of the public by closing pretty much all the facilities which exist to help one stay healthy. But it’s not a paradox — it’s simply evidence of how bollixed up everything is at the moment.

Another photowhack — they are coming (relatively) thick and fast under lockdown. I like the random arrangement of rectangles, but perhaps I am reaching.

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Outside the gym

Monday 2nd May 2016, 10.00am (day 1,712)

Outside gym, 2/5/16

A public holiday in the UK today. I still had to work — courtesy of skiving off last Thursday mainly — but the gym didn’t open until 10. I like this shot because of the seemingly random arrangement of quadrilaterals running along the wall to the guy who, like me, was just a minute or two early.

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My photos, in the gym (and Phil)

Monday 6th January 2014, 10.10am (day 865)

Gym exhibition, 6/1/14

The gym I go to has a rotating exhibition of photographs or paintings and I put my name down to do it some time ago. In December I got a call saying my turn had come round so here we are, my first proper exhibition. You see here four of the smaller landscape photos, there are eighteen in total, eleven landscapes and seven wildlife pictures, some of which have been seen on the blog (the one on the left here is this shot of Helvellyn in the Lake District, from 2/12/11, for example). So I’m kind of proud of this and wanted it to be documented on here at some point. You also see here Phil, one of the gym regulars, the sort of bloke in his late fifties you know for a fact is about three times as healthy as yourself.

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The back of the gym

Sunday 22nd September 2013, 3.40pm (day 759)

Fire escape, 22/9/13

In total contrast to most of the week which preceded it, today was a glorious day. Who knows, perhaps the last burst of genuine summer this year. The light made even this neglected, graffiti-tagged fire escape at the back of the gym look sort of romantic.

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