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Passers-by, Market Street

Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 8.40am (day 2,078)

Market Street, 3/5/17

Another nice morning and a sunny day followed. Off we all go to work in our various ways — or possibly, come home again.

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National Graphene Institute

Tuesday 6th September 2016, 9.55am (day 1,839)

Graphene institute, 6/9/16

As a few recent photos have suggested, we are entering a good time of year for dramatic skies. I like the NGI building, it somehow matches its main host substance — which I guess is the point, architecturally. Well, my employers have spent enough on it, so it’d better be good I suppose….

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Three shadowy figures

Tuesday 2nd December 2014, 3.20pm (day 1,195)

Three shadows, 2/12/14

As pictured on the steps of the St Peter’s Chaplaincy at the University, a location that has featured once before.

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Looking down from the city walls, Dubrovnik

Sunday 19th October 2014, 3.00pm (day 1,151)

City walls, Dubrovnik, 19/10/14

Croatia becomes the 21st different country to make it onto this blog. I am here for a conference until Thursday morning. Today was a day off, and once I left home (getting up at 4am… ) and flew here, I still had most of the day to explore the old walled city — which apparently was used for filming “King’s Landing” in Game of Thrones, should that float your boat. It was substantially damaged in the war of independence in 1991, but as far as I can tell the restoration has been exemplary. This shot was taken looking down from the wall-walk. it would be nice if her shadow wasn’t there, I guess, but then again, it comes with the rest of the good light…

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Late August shadows

Tuesday 28th August 2012, 9.35am (day 369)

Shadows, 28/8/12

The wildly optimistic part of me still thinks that come September maybe we will get a run of nice warm and sunny days, but even if September in the UK can often be fine that is probably clutching at straws. The day was a largely pleasant one but there was just something autumnal about the morning, a crispness in the air that foretells the cold to come.

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