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Fire alarm

Wednesday 1st May 2013, 1.05pm (day 615)

Fire alarm, 1/5/13

I’m sure everyone was really annoyed that they had to go sit outside for 15 minutes, I mean, what a tough break, in the harshness of a Queensland mid-autumn.

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Block ‘Y’ fire escape

Wednesday 24th April 2013, 4.45pm (day 608)

Block P fire escape, 24/4/13

The weather has been very pleasant indeed for the last 10 days or so. The mugg and rumble of summer is gone, to be replaced by a lovely balmy, Mediterranean vibe. It’ll do me, anyway. Took a lot of photos round the QUT campus and riverfront today on my walks to and from work, and chose this one because it’s such a mundane spot, but looks beautiful in this light.

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Bike rack, QUT

Tuesday 16th April 2013, 10.00am (day 600)

Bike rack, QUT, 16/4/13

These bike racks situate themselves throughout Brisbane, and I have been waiting to catch one completely full, like this. Although having said that, I never seem to see anyone actually riding one. NB: this photo is not an endorsement of Lipton Ice Tea, in any way, shape or form.

Hey… it’s day 600 of the blog! Crikey. To mark this milestone I have done one of my regular updates of the ‘best of the rest’ page – and the Stats page has also been refreshed.

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Artisans café

Monday 15th April 2013, 12.35pm (day 599)

Artisans cafe, 15/4/13

A busy scene, full of vignettes. What are the two girls in front talking about? What is the guy on the left apologising for? This is taken on the QUT campus once again, but get used to it – with the exception of a couple of breaks, I’m here for most of the next month.

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Rainy evening, QUT

Saturday 13th April 2013, 5.50pm (day 597)

Rainy evening, QUT, 13/4/13

At home it should be getting warmer and lighter right now (and may well be – I can’t say I really care), but here, in accordance with the earth’s axial tilt, the evenings are darkening and there is a cooler feel to the air. Not that it has ever been exactly dry and summery since I arrived here, not in Brisbane anyway. Of more salience is the question of just what I was doing at work on campus until 5.50pm on a Saturday….

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Light Render

Saturday 23rd March 2013, 1.55pm (day 576)

Light Render, 23/3/13

Light Render is an art installation by Caitlin Franzmann, currently on display at the QUT Art Museum. According to the blurb for this exhibit, in which a video camera is pointed at a mirrored cube and the image displayed on the wall behind, the point is to allow visitors to the gallery to insert themselves into the art work in various ways by interposing themselves into the camera’s line of sight and/or the feed itself. So that is what I have done here – the two man-shaped shadows you see here are both me.

And seeing as this blog is my own ‘work of art’, an extended record of my life, here Ms Franzmann’s work of art inserts itself into my own work of art and everyone’s work of art becomes a small part of everyone else’s…. in some giant recursion. Or something like that.

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Old Government House, QUT

Friday 22nd March 2013, 9.45 am (day 575)

Old Government House, 22/3/13

This building sits within QUT’s campus. It was the first seat of government of the state, built between 1860 and 1862 and in use as the state parliament until 1910. It is now mainly used as a cafe and a nice place to take the weight off one’s feet, sit in a shady spot and check social media (or whatever). Which is a decent way to evolve as a building I guess.

And yes, though I like this photo, I know it would have been even better if I had centered the doors at the back exactly between the pillars.

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Queensland, the Sunshine State

Wednesday 20th March 2013, 3.50pm (day 573)

Umbrellas, 20/3/13

Irony warning…. I don’t mean to suggest it was like this all day, just this one heavy shower, but this is the only place I have seen rain in the whole 8 weeks I’ve been here, including in New Zealand.

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Network launch, QUT

Tuesday 19th March 2013, 3.55pm (day 572)

Christine, HERN launch, 19/3/13

Feel like I should feature on here some of the nice people at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) who have set up this academic visit of mine and are doing their best to make me feel at home. This is Christine, speaking at today’s launch of the HERN (Higher Education Research Network), in the atrium of one of their impressive new buildings (in fact, on the floor above the Digital Barrier Reef which featured back in early February). There are actually a couple of hundred people in this room at this point, but I like the sense of emptiness in the shot.

Incidentally, I think the following universities have featured on this blog at some point, in no particular order: Manchester, QUT, Charles Sturt, Helsinki, Otago, Alabama, Leeds, Birmingham City, Bergen, Bergen University College (these are two different institutions) and the Academy of National Economy in Moscow. The nicest campus? Er…. probably Alabama.

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