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Dead flower

Thursday 17th October 2019, 11.30am (day 2,975)

Dead flower, 17/10/19

Dead flower masquerding as frail, semi-transparent moths? Or are the moths getting together for purposes of their own, and disguising their negotiations by masquerading as a flower? Either way, winter comes.

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Dead and gone

Friday 27th July 2018, 6.30pm (day 2,528)

Dead plants, 27/7/18

A few more months of this current climate and the whole planet will look like this. Sort of like the beginning of Interstellar. Or even if it does cool down, we’ll manage it anyway, by killing off the bees.

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Nutclough Mill (and dead tree)

Sunday 7th January 2018, 11.10am (day 2,327)

Nutclough and dead tree, 7/1/18

I’m still not getting a great distance away from home… at least not this morning.

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Dying off

Thursday 9th November 2017, 3.30pm (day 2,268)

Dying off, 9/11/17

Today’s picture might have been of the Christmas markets being built in Manchester — but November’s not yet ten days old, for pity’s sake. A remnant of summer is preferable, even if it is mostly deceased. What it was doing out on this table in the afternoon, only the Contact Theatre CafĂ© knows.

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Dead guitar

Tuesday 27th December 2016, 4.10pm (day 1,951)

Dead guitar, 26/12/16

Restarted work today, albeit at home; and herein lies my photographic challenge for the next couple of weeks, as I’m really not doing a great deal else until about January 8th. This will be a very long run of Hebden Bridge pictures on the blog. This ex-guitar caught my eye today — apparently it is about to be customised (I believe the youth of today would say ‘pimped’) as part of Joe’s art homework. I like the shot because it is obviously a guitar, but could take a second glance to determine why it is a dead one.

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