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Sunday 22nd November 2020, 12.05pm (day 3,377)

Zoomorph, 22/11/20

If to “anthropomorphosise” is to assign human characteristics to animals, is there a word for assigning animal characteristics to plants? For this tree is clearly doing a good impression of something or other, maybe a lizard, with not only that obvious eye and snout but a crest of moss. I’m inventing (perhaps) a word for it — zoomorph. Noun: a plant that takes on the shape of an animal.

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Wood fungus

Tuesday 17th November 2020, 2.25pm (day 3,372)

Wood fungus, 17/11/29.

Another deeply unexciting day. At the moment, this fungus probably has more of a social life than the whole human population of the UK. I chose this shot because I like the stately swelling of the grey trunk to either side; but the fungus has made it inside, and looks there to stay.

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Clare in the Entwood

Sunday 1st November 2020, 2.10pm (day 3,356)

Clare in Entwood, 1/11/20

Nothing about the politics today, no grouching, I promise. Let us just celebrate the peak of autumn. I have pictured this wood before (by now, I’ve pictured most places near my house before), and have always called it the Entwood because here more than anywhere else round here the trees feel like they have feet, that their residence in the ground is temporary.

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Horned beetle

Monday 15th June 2020, 4.50pm (day 3,217)

Horned beetle, 15/6/20

The beetle negotiates the wood crevasse, in its funny little helmet (where are its eyes?) and feeling the way ahead with that unicorn horn, which is so protuberant that here it’s become annoyingly just out of focus. I have no idea what species this is; it’s not a European rhinoceros beetle as it’s the wrong colour and we’re not supposed to have them in the UK anyway. It was about an inch (2.5cm) long.

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On the edge of the woods

Monday 20th August 2018, 10.30am (day 2,552)

Out of the woods, 20//8/18

No commentary on this shot other than to say I like it for somehow symbolising the road that out of darkness leads up into the light. Or something like that.

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Edge of the forest

Thursday 21st December 2017, 12.50pm (day 2,310)

Felled plantation, 21/12/17

Commercial forestry is not inherently a bad thing: there are many beautiful and well-managed plantations in England. But there are prices to pay, and when you see a ravaged landscape like this one — well, it does make you realise that this is not nurtured land. More like arboreal strip-mining, take the products and leave a wasteland behind. In this mist it looks almost apocalyptic, like the zombies are just over the horizon. Maybe one day Treebeard will stomp out of the remaining woods, like he does in The Two Towers, and swear vengeance against the human despoilers.

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Skip wagon

Wednesday 1st February 2017, 12.45pm (day 1,987)

Battered skip, 1/2/17

This extremely battered old skip wagon was parked outside my house all day, presumably being used by the builders working two doors along, but if their scaffolding is as knackered as their wagon, I wouldn’t trust it. Still, it was something to photograph in an otherwise dull day: I like the different textures, lines, it’s like a collage almost.

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Climbing the fiery crag

Thursday 12th March 2015, 6.15pm (day 1,295)

Fiery crag, 12/3/15

The climber ascends the crag beside the lava falls. Or maybe it’s a strangely shaped bit of wood beside the fireĀ  The fun thing is that you’ll never be sure.

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The Nutclough mill-pond

Wednesday 14th January 2015, 8.45am (day 1,238)

Millpond, 14/1/15

A little snow this morning, enough to provide the sort of wintry scene I was hoping for yesterday, but not enough to last through the day. Took myself up into the wood before work to see what I could capture, and took this one before the posse of ducks drifted in front of the fallen branches and spoiled the reflections.

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Sunday 8th September 2013, 2.40pm (day 745)

Entwood, 8/9/13

Sometimes there are places — like this — that are less than five minutes’ walk from your house, that you walk or drive all around most of the time, yet never actually set foot in from one year to the next. This little wood clings to the side of a very steep hill, the trees grasping on for dear life with these claw-like roots, and the image of them as Ents (the walking trees from Lord of the Rings) was made that little bit more believable by catching flare in the lens as purple light above.

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