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Making a break for it

Wednesday 27th April 2022, 4.30pm (day 3,898)

It’s always scary being the first one to make the break. But someone had to do it.

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Next year’s food

Thursday 10th February 2022, 1.35pm (day 3,822)

Seed potatoes, 10/2/22

It’s early yet, but the world turns, and we have to start getting things ready to put into the soil. These potatoes will then sit in there for 10 months or so and, usually, we just dig up about the same number as we put in, of about the same size. So maybe we should just eat them now. But who knows, maybe this is the year they will run riot.

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Sunday 2nd May 2021, 2.40pm (day 3,538)

Dandelion clock, 2/5/21

May is here. The dandelions are happily engaged in their task of creating further dandelions. And that’s what life is all about, don’t you think.

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Dandelion snow

Friday 8th May 2020, 5.05pm (day 3,179)

Dandelion snow, 8/5/20

The white dots that speckle this whole image are not the result of some camera fault. They are dandelion seeds, storms of which blew over Hebden Bridge this evening, as they have for a few days now. The warm, dry weather is bringing them out but also, this year, there are not so many lawns being mowed regularly — not the public ones, anyway. Perfect conditions for them, then. There will be some allergies being born at the moment I can tell you.

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Ready to fly

Friday 17th May 2019, 3.30pm (day 2,822)

Dandelion head, 17/5/19

These seeds are ready to fly; the next windy day, they’ll be gone. You have to admire the simple efficiency of the pattern. The seeds remain individual and can all escape, but no space is wasted, no more could be fitted on. Like so many other things in nature, the perfect match of form and function.

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Dandelion clocks

Thursday 30th May 2013, 3.30pm (day 644)

Dandelion clocks, 30/5/13

Time to start finding photographic inspiration back at home, if I’m to keep this blog going. There’ll be more pictures of local flora yet I am sure: having missed out on (what has passed for) spring at home, there’s some catching up to do. I like the seemingly random distribution of focus on this shot.

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