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Another Manchester alley (with plants)

Friday 29th April 2022, 3.10pm (day 3,900)

The second Manchester alleyway of the week — this one known as Reyner Street. Proof that if given a foothold, and a bit of sun for an hour or so a day, foliage can flourish anywhere.

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New chillies

Monday 4th April 2022, 11.05am (day 3,875)

New chillis, 4/4/22

It’s that time of year again. You buy the seeds and put them in some mulch, and await the first shoots. Eventually some of them might turn into the thing illustrated on the packet. But that remains to be seen.

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Friday 11th March 2022, 9.20am (day 3,851)

Daffodils, 11/3/22

Not quite Wordsworth’s multitude but there are certainly a lot of these sprouting outside the Ellen Wilkinson Building on campus at the moment, something the rather random focus point of this shot is intended to capture. This is the 700th Manchester shot to feature on here, by the way.

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Baby flora

Sunday 14th November 2021, 1.55pm (day 3,734)

St Helena flora, 14/11/21

A new place means a new ecosystem, and new flora. I have absolutely no idea what these babies (they are about the height of my hand) will grow into — cacti perhaps, but that’s just a guess. I don’t have a garden here as such; these are growing at the top of the rocky bank at the back of my house, that currently marks one of the limits of my world. But they’re something cute to look at, all the same.

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Red and green

Tuesday 14th July 2020, 4.50pm (day 3,246)

Red and green, 14/7/20

Another day with not much happening.  But at least it marks the end of the present stint of work — I am now off until the start of August. I doubt this will lead to any radical changes in the content of this blog, at least not immediately.  Although it would be nice to see people feature more — there have been no people at all, even in the background of shots, for ten days now.

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Pondering the future

Tuesday 30th June 2020, 11.20am (day 3,232)

Pondering, 30/6/20

First trip to campus since March 8th, which as it was a Sunday, already had a desolate, end-of-the-world feel about it that the subsequent closure has cemented in place. On the few days over lockdown that I have visited, all of the city of Manchester has seemed like a coma patient. There is a certain amount of internal activity, things moving around from place to place, but there’s no real life or consciousness to it. This guy looks very much like he’s pondering his future and so should we all. Plants are doing well, though.

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Roof garden

Friday 3rd May 2019, 10.35am (day 2,808)

Roof garden, 3/5/19

A day working at home, but it was grey and chilly and there was little motivation to head outside. I did poke my head through the skylight though, to see how things were getting on with the roof garden. It’s coming along nicely.

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Dead and gone

Friday 27th July 2018, 6.30pm (day 2,528)

Dead plants, 27/7/18

A few more months of this current climate and the whole planet will look like this. Sort of like the beginning of Interstellar. Or even if it does cool down, we’ll manage it anyway, by killing off the bees.

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This year’s babies

Thursday 26th March 2015, 3.25pm (day 1,309)

Baby kale, 26/3/15

Every year around this time there will be some new shoots on one south-facing window sill or other, getting ready for the moment when, like good parents, we decide they can be let out into the outside world. Usually, they survive.

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Reeds and millpond

Saturday 29th September 2012, 3.40pm (day 401)

Reeds, 29/9/12

Taken just past the halfway point of a walk undertaken from my parents’ house this afternoon. The leaves are well and truly turning here and I did get a couple of good photos of autumn colours but this one I like because it seems less a picture of foliage, and more a picture of a moment, a burst of light captured by the water and trapped there.

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