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Chester station

Tuesday 23rd October 2018, 2.35pm (day 2,616)

Chester station, 23/10/18

Another day, another railway station to add to the collection. Though unlike yesterday, no giant purple aliens: just this couple having a snuggle before one or both of them heads off for wherever.

With this shot Chester nicks, from Amsterdam, the record of ‘place with the biggest gap between appearances on the blog’. On 10th June 2012 the picture (of burlesque artiste Ginger La Rouge) was taken here, but nothing since, making the gap 2,326 days.

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Victoria station — the new era

Saturday 27th June 2015, 2.10pm (day 1,402)

Victoria, 27/6/15

The title has a double meaning. Yes, it’s a new era for Victoria station, which after a long period of renovation is now just about finished and looks infinitely better for it. It’s also a new era photographically. Half an hour after taking yesterday’s shot my old Fujifilm Finepix camera conked out, I’ve had it some three years now and used it (obviously) every day so I suppose it was due to happen at some point. Went into Manchester partly to buy another one. I can’t afford to upgrade however so we are now working with a Canon Sureshot compact. You can work out, through following this blog, whether I get on with it as well as its late predecessor.

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St Pancras station (the basement)

Friday 9th March 2012, 3.30pm (day 197)

St Pancras, 9/3/12
The new St Pancras station in London, terminus for the Eurostar trains, is definitely the most impressive railway station in Britain and probably ranks among the top 10 in Europe. But for those of us plebs who don’t want to catch the Eurostar, or even the cross-country services north to Sheffield, but the cross-London trains down to the South coast; we are herded down into the basement.

Still, this couple looked kinda cute. And I was only there for five minutes.

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