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Arrival at St. Pancras

Wednesday 7th August 2019, 10.00am [nearly] (day 2,904)

St. Pancras, 7/8/19

We went to Brussels by train, and our return journey terminated in the very marvellous St. Pancras station in London; this has featured twice before on the blog, but both shots were portraits taken down in the subterranean sections and neither featured its impressive architectural features. The pink writing reads “I want my time with you”… I can’t detect any subliminal advertising going on here, and this may just be a feel-good message for the sake of it, in which case, further credit to St. Pancras and its designers.

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On St. Pancras station

Friday 26th February 2016, 7.30pm (day 1,646)

Lady St Pancras, 26/2/16

Waiting out our train connection at the subterranean St. Pancras Thameslink station and I passed the time taking pictures of people on the opposite platform. Voyeuristic maybe but this was the best picture of the day.

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St Pancras station (the basement)

Friday 9th March 2012, 3.30pm (day 197)

St Pancras, 9/3/12
The new St Pancras station in London, terminus for the Eurostar trains, is definitely the most impressive railway station in Britain and probably ranks among the top 10 in Europe. But for those of us plebs who don’t want to catch the Eurostar, or even the cross-country services north to Sheffield, but the cross-London trains down to the South coast; we are herded down into the basement.

Still, this couple looked kinda cute. And I was only there for five minutes.

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